Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Weekend funtivities

As I have previously mentioned my husband is currently working on a huge project. He is making a huge 12x12 shed and its about 8 feet tall, or maybe taller? I couldn't be any prouder of him. He has put so much time and effort into it. On top of that he is still working almost 50 hour weeks and then when he gets off or before work he tries to work on the shed. He started building it on Saturday and unfortunately I had a freak accident to hurt my foot and I couldnt help out. I still tried to make sure my babe had enough water to keep himself hydrated throughout the entire day. That's all I could do because I've been limping around with a bruised foot. It's pretty funny but I just want my foot to be back to normal so I can run on it again.

Thats what took up most of our Saturday, we got to visit and hang out at the in-laws house. We had lunch and I tried helping a little with their reorginazing that they were doing in the house. I wasn't much help because I was in and out. I had to go meet with a girl about photography, give my painter friend a ride, get stuff at the store, and just errands of that type. Next thing I know it's almost 6 and we're sitting down watching TV with Mama Sharon and Mandi(Sis-in-law) We got to visit and talk about some pretty interesting stories. I had a blast being with them. They are so easy to talk to and for me to get along with. After hanging out with my in-laws I went to my parents so that I could visit with them while Chris had to finish doing some things and clean up.
Once I got to my parents everyone in the house was watching the soccer game MEXICO vs. USA. So of course I had to sit down and watch it with them. It was an awesome game, Mexico won and it was so much fun to watch. After the game we called some family from Mexico. The rest of the night I spent it SWIMMING next to my family. It was the perfect weather to swim in, and the wate was at the perfect temperature. I had a blast. BY the time we got out we were exhausted and went home so that we could go straight to bed.

My poor hubby wasnt feeling too great, I guess 13 hours in the hot sun didnt do hi body good. So I made sure and gave him a good massage and take care of him. Next thing we know we had to get ready for church. We were late but the most important part was that we made it to nursery because no one else that serves with us was able to help us. Luckily we have awesome kids in the nursery that are good to us. I absolutely love our calling. It's so much fun. Let's put it this way, Chris and I get to play for 2 hours on Sunday. We have play time, singing time, lesson, snack time, bubble time, and then we get to return our kids back to their parents. It's the best calling I've ever had. I am thankful for how smart, and sweet children are. They teach me more than we could ever teach them.
After church we made lunch, and took one of the hottest naps I've ever had. LOL but it was nice and then we made some delicious Ribs for my family for dinner. The dinner was a huge hit and we almost ate everything we made. The rest of the evening we got to visit, play games, and watch movies.

My weekend was perfect. It was very busy but I had a lot of fun. We are always doing fun things and constantly serving others. I am excited for next weekend even though it's only Wednesday. Can you believe it's been a year since Chris asked me to marry him? Well that's what we'll be celebrating this weekend. We are thinking of going to Cheesacake factory or Red Lobster.. Hmmm where should we go??
Im soooooo happy :D


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