Thursday, June 16, 2011

Im a party pooper

What is it about marriage that makes me get sleepy so much earlier than I used to?

I used to be up until 2 am at least. Wow those were the days. Back in the day like exactly about a year ago Chris and I would hang out after he got off from work at around 11pm and watch a movie. Now a days Im lucky if I make it until 10. I feel like everyday lately these last couple months Ive been falling asleep on the couch. And my poor husband has to find a clever way to wake me up.

Let me tell you it's no easy thing to wake me up from my deep sleep. I usually go into a deep sleep within a matter of a few minutes.

Maybe its because we have had a very busy last couple of weeks. NON STOP ERRANDS. BOO.

Now, I am ready to relax. Specially this weekend because it'll be the perfect weekend for me to swim and work out. Im going to swim on Friday and Saturday.


1 comment:

  1. Wait until you guys are pregnant you will want to sleep all the time.