Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another campout coming soon !

I am so excited can you tell? It's funny because I think of myself as a somewhat girly girl but not so much at the same time. I love getting down and dirty sometimes. I dont mind getting my hands in the mud and doing fun outdoorsy things. (I think this is one of the many reason Chris and I get along so well) Don't get me wrong I love looking good, putting make up on, and buying cute new clothes but sometimes it's so nice to just be all natural. There's nothing like the woods! Ja ja you dont have to worry about wearing nice clothes or making sure your hair looks good because it's all about relaxing and having a good time.

This weekend we will be going to Canyon Creek with our Rudd side of the family. I am so excited to go up there for the weekend. I am going to take a million pictures and make sure I post them on Monday. It's unfortunate that not everyone goes because it's really fun and beautiful up there.

Here's another side story so once I got married did I mention I inherited a boat and a trailer. YES THEY ARE AWESOME! They are some sweet toys but let me tell you sometimes they are more work than they are worth. Ja ja . I'm kidding they're really nice things to have but theyre not necessities. Right now we are in the process of getting the boat fixed but now we just need to put the starter back on since my baby forgot how it is connected. We are hopefully going to have it ready by next week. Right now we're trying to get everything ready with the trailer and the food for the weekend.
Come to find out now the trailer needs something else to be fixed- YIPEE!! Like as if we already dont have enough things that need to be fixed. I wish I was smart enough to fix all things, instead I dont know how to fix anything. I'm the kind of person that will just find sweet deals and then hire someone to help me. Unlike my wonderful man who will do whatever it takes by taking things apart and putting them back together to find out how you can fix it. Yes he's very patient and amazing in every way.
Anyways so hopefully everything works out and we can get all the small things ready and packed to go camping. I have so much to do but I just have to make a little bit of time to just pack a few outfits and make sure we have all the essentials. I think I will have it all done by tonight. I am so excited to get to play tons of games, eat fun camping food, be with my fun family, and just relax! I am so happy that I have the oppourtunity to get out of the house as much as I do because it is so much fun. I love going to new places and just enjoying the beautiful scenery. It's amazing to see some of Heavenly Fathers creations.

Here is my checklist for the next two days:

1. Go to my favorite store again- COSTCO
2. Buy last minute snacks & groceries
3. Pack my bag
4. Clean my kitchen- deep clean
5. Living room & bathrooms
6. Our room and closet.
7. Vacuum, mop and sweep house.
8. Few clothes I need to put away
9. GYM today & tomorrow
10. Try hard to go to Temple- if time permits
11. Leave the dogs ready with someone to feed them on Saturday because We'll leave Friday until noon and come back on Sunday.
12. Drop off keys to the other Nursery teachers.
13. Send Package
14. Pack up some dog food and such because Chris wants to take cute Buddy.
15. Find a couple things that I need for the weekend.
16. WORK OUT HARD core at least once
17. Try and get some sleep since this whole week I have not gotten any luck.
18. Go to bank
19. Organize paper work.
20. organize this picture book.

Keep in mind these are things I would like to accomplish and Im hoping to just get some of them done and as long as I do the most important ones I know everything will be okay. I always tend to worry too much but I am going to try to just take care of these goals one by one.

I am so thankful for everything in my life. I love family. I love challenges. I love the Church. Most of all I love what we are capable to do, as long as I have the health I need and the strength I am going to give it all I got.


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