Monday, June 13, 2011

Canyon Creek success

We had a blast! I will have pictures to prove it very soon. We went up Friday and made it there around 2 PM, as soon as we got up there we took Buddy out and tied him up. Then we started to say hi to everyone and hang out. It was so beautiful up there. The weather was at the perfect 70s most of the time and nature was at its finest.

We had more people go up than last year which made it more fun. Friday night we met my family in Payson to help them arrive to our camping spot. It took a really long time for us to meet them and then come back but once we made it back to camp it was such a relief. We helped set up the tent and then sat around the fire. My mom, sister, Juan as long as Chris got to hang out together quite a bit. I wasnt feeling very great so I headed to bed the earliest since I took a Nyquill. Once I took over the bed I can remember Chris saying "Babe wake up... baby turn around." I was facing the wrong way and totally all over the bed. I crashed out! The next day we went in a big group so that everyone who had poles could go fishing. We just went along for the nice walk and so we could play with the water. I was walking with Buddy and my family, while watching Chris and Cooper fish. We ended up staying for almost an hour or two. Then we came back and made lunch and played some games. The rest of the day was pretty relaxing. O and one more fun activity for the day, we went target shooting with my family. I was so proud of myself. Ha ha I finally got brave enough to shoot a 9mil. I was so afraid to do it but I finally did. We went out where we could shoot about 20 or 30 minutes away from camp. We went back to camp and we hung out for a little and then everyone was picking stuff up and packing. (The people that had to leave on Saturday packed up early.) Then we said goodbye and started working on dinner. I have to admit we had the best dinner ever. We had salad, steak, corn on the cob, and potatoes. It was the best dinner I've had in a very long time. I feel like we got to bond so much with my In-laws. I learned so much about my family. It was amazing. Oh and we also went spot lighting, i loved it! We were successful and spotter deer- so that made me happy. Once we got back we talked for a little and then went to bed. Sunday we woke up made breakfast the boys went out doing man things and the rest of us started getting ready to leave. We cleaned, packed up, and got everything together. I also had to take Buddy one more time to the Creek. He was so cute, he loved playing in the water and was so good to the little kids. I was happy we took him, now I know that we could handle him if we take him again. He is such a good active fun dog. He hardly bothered us, and the only thing I could complaing about was how much he stunk when the skunk sprayed him Saturday night- ewwwwwww.

It was so much fun. I love the woods and camping. Im thinking next time we'll take the trailer just him and I ; and then another time I'd like to get a group of friends to go up. I want to go camping at least two more times this summer.

Oh and did I mention we are getting our boat fixed sometime this week.. Yup that's right we are going to be taking a lot of lake trips this summer so let me know if you'd like to be a part of the fun .
Pictures coming soon.


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