Thursday, August 25, 2011

Monday birthdays Pt2

This past Monday was my husbands birthday and it went a little something like this.

I couldnt sleep. I had a pretty emotional weekend but I woke up ready to do something. I got on the computer and made my sexy husband and homemade card. It was lovely. YUP i copied him but I woud've done it anyways since we now have PHOTOSHOP on our comuputer I designed my own card. After that I made him an awesome breakfast and it was very YUMMY YUMMY. My husband was very grateful and he thanked me so much and I just kept telling him that he deserves it. I dont think there's anything better than spoiling my baby. I love surprising him left and right. It was too bad that we both had work and didnt get to spend it as much as I'd like. I had school school, work and then back to school. I got to sneak in a dinner with our friends Amy and Drew at Firehouse subs. I got off work a little early and got to sit and talk for about an hour but then back to school I went. I didn't get off until 9:30pm!!!! TOO LATE. When I got home Chris and I decided to run to store where we bought what he wanted. I told him to get anything he wanted but there he was trying to please me and asking me what I wanted. I told him- ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY SILLY! You get whatever you want. We got a vanilla cake with lemon topping, and ice cream of his choice. We got back home where I realized we bought no candles. FAIL. Oh well we still sang happy birthday and Chris said he had a really good day.
I wanted to give him the best day that I could've with the little time that I had. He was happy and I was happy, therefore we had a great day.
I cant wait for our birthday party we are having at our house. Its going to be fun. The theme is black&white with lots of yummy food. ! Can't wait. I am happy its almost the weekend.



Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Monday birthdays Pt1

The past two Mondays have been very Happy birthdays for us indeed. Just recently finding out we're pregnant really has made us very grateful for each other. We have been celebrating and having so many good times.

Here is the highlights of our birthday:

I was woken up to my wondeful husband surprising me with a wonderful homemade card. It melted my heart and made me so happy. (Thank you loves for being so sweet!!!)
My birthday went by too fast and I maintained very busy. It started out with me going to class from nine till noon. At 1230 I went to lunch with some of my best girl friends. It was my sister, Ana, Candice an Emma. At firehouse sub, they give away a free sub for anyones birthday. I advise you to go there on your birthday who doesnt love free things???
We got to hang out for an hour and we had a great time. I did take pictures but theyre on another computer.. woooppsss. After that I worked from two till seven. Yepp you heard me I worked and went to school. How awesome am i? Ha ha just kidding. Then, after work I picked up my amazing hubby and we headed to my parents. Chris surprised me with the cutest homemade cake I have ever seen. It was beautiful. :) I fell in love with him all over again. We had carne asada and yummy cake at my parents. we had a good evening with the family. A few of my friends came over as well and i got some really cute gifts. My family and my friends truly made it a memorable and enjoyable day. Once we finished dinner we were dancing and hanging out like the old times. We laughed so hard!! I missed my best friends they are so good to me. We left really late and then went to the store.
Side story on my birthday- In between school and lunch i took a dollar store prego test. I tested POSITIVE!!! It was the best gift i've ever received. I immediatley called some friends and asked them about it and they assured me I was. I then called Chris and he was sooo happy! We still weren't a hundred percent so we had to control ourselves. When we were headed home at night we bought a first response test and it was very clear that I was pregnant. We couldnt stop smiling and hugging each other. WE practice telling people with the rommate and he didnt believe us. It was funny. I wish I would've recorded it.
The next day we told our family members and they are all very happy for us. We are so excited to be parents and have a child of our own. We can't stop thinking about it or talking about it. SO if you hear me talk about it i'm sorry I cant help it that Im very excited.
Only took us ten months to get prego. I am doing my best to eat healthy and be good, specially these first three months. I can't wait to get passed these first months because I am a little nervous about it. Sometimes I think to myself that I shouldntve told anyone till further down the road but it's all up to the Lord. I have faith and will pray so much for our future family.

That was honestly the best birthday I've ever had. I am so happy. I Will keep my blog posted as soon as I go to the OBGYN this next Tuesday. I am praying that it will all work out.

future baby mama

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hard but I'll be okay

I love my husband so much. He is so sweet to me. He truly is and I dont just say that because I think it's cool to be married to the perfect person.

I want to give him a special shot out and tell him Happy Birthday! I am so thankful for him and his sweetness.

Being pregnant is kind of hard on a womans body. I love the fact that my body is creating such a special thing, honestly I feel so special and have gained great self-worth. The only thing is it's hard. I am so much more sensative than I ever have been. Just this weekend alone I've cried like 4 times. I dont know whats the matter with me and I dont like letting my husband see me like this. I feel like I have lost control over my emotions. I'm just hoping it gets better because if not its going to be a long 7-8 months more.

On a side note here's one of the reasons I creid. On Saturday I found out that my card was being used online and it is no fun!!!!!!!!! I found out a person took my card information and bought hundreds and hundreds of dollars online. SUCH RETARDS. We now have a negative balance. Thanks douche. You just have ruined my perfect week. I can't believe how stupid and selfish people are. Here I am trying to work hard to earn my money to have someone else spend. OH HELL NO! Im going to report you and hope you get caught. I Am so pissed off.

On the brighter side we already let the bank know, and everything will be okay but it is so stressful and sad for me right now. I am starting school today and I have not had a good nights sleep in days. I am hoping that'll change tonight.

Thank you baby for holding me and telling me everything is going to be okay.

feliz cumpleaƱos


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Baby present

For my birthday I got the best present in the world. On Monday i turned 23 and we found out that I am pregnant. I couldnt be any happier. I am so excited. I will post more info soon.
Basically I have an appointment until next week and I wont know more until then.

These are my own personal predictions.

I am going to have a girl :)
she is going to be beautiful
weigh in around 8 pounds
due april 10th.

So that makes me around 5 weeks pregnant.

Im not a hundred percent sure but I think these prediction might come close.

We are so happy!

ive taken about 4 pregnancy tests just to make sure it wasnt an error. I still cant believe it. I cant wait to go to the doctors.




Thursday, August 18, 2011

Talking Sticks Resort Weekend

We had such a good time and it reminded us of our awesome honeymoon.

Friday we checked in about four pm. Want to know what the best part about going on a vacation thats in your own state, the fact that you save tons and tons of money on gas. Not only that but we got to our destination in about less than twenty minutes. That was the best part not having to be in a car for too long. We didn't even have time to waste or be bored.
Once we got there we got our room key and headed straight to our room. The view s amazing we had the pool and jacuzzi view. I kept looking out the window at all times throught the day and night just to check out how many people were out there. I took tons of pictures OF OUR WONDERFUL VIEW. It was such a nice, new beautiful hotel. The only thing that was a little uncomfortable at first was the first room we got had a weird stench. It took me a little while to notice that it stunk like WEED! ewwww and let me tell you once we stepped out of the room to get something from the car I automatically knew what that stank was. Once we both agreed on not wanting to stay there any longer we told the hotel lady in the front and she helped us to quickly get a new room. I was very thankful for that because I dont think I could handle that smell for one more second.
Then we got to settle in and relax for a moment and we decided we would go down to swim and relax. We got to know the hotel pretty fast and everyone there was so proffesional and nice. I like how it is very secured in order to get into the hotel rooms. That made me feel safe and comfortable. The Room was spacious, the bathroom was amazing, and i loved everything about it. I dont think we could've picked a better hotel.
Then we went out to dinner and went by the shopping center that we've never been to. On Saturday we got to drive around scottsdale have lunch at applebees, and just watch some tv, go watch these men play the pianos, and then walk around and get to know the huge hotel. We walked and talk and just hung out. Then at night time we got ready for our hot date. !!! amazing. We went to Chillis- YUMMY. Had the greatest time with my baby. We just laughed, talked bonded and celebrated our birthdays just the two of us. It was very relaxing enjoyabe and again went by too fast.
Then the next day we tried to sleep in, watch tv and the head out at noon..
That was most of our weekend. When we came back we were exhausted for some reason and napped in our bed at home. Although it was the nicest hotel i've ever been to. Nicer than the hotel in Sedona, and the Hyatt in Mesa, i would have to say theres no bed like your own.

We are so grateful that although we weren't able to go to California like we had planned we got to do something else and it was stress free and relaxing. Im so glad we saved our Disneyland trip for some other time.
Thank you Hunnie for the amazing vacation and birthday present.



Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Last week went fast

Last week was awesome the office was closed and I didnt have to work.

I went entire week without working whatsoever. No office, no photography, no work. Although I missed it in a very weird way. After I started getting used to it it flew by!!

I got to go to the gym and take my time. I went about three or four solid times last week. I've been going to this hard core boot camp class and it is so tough. It makes me want to puke because it's just that hard. I love the feeling I get once I accomplish my class. It's such a great self-confdence booster.

Another fun thing I got to do a lot of was to clean and detail our house real good. I got to clean out our fridge which I dont think I've ever done since I moved into our house. Chris usually likes to do those sort of things. He's good at them and I'm not because it takes me forever. However I did an awesome job and im glad I did it.

Thursday- Chris had Thursday and Friday off so we got to take advantage of it. We took his truck in for some tuning up and then we went and did some shopping for our birthdays. :) We went and got both of us fun things . I don't think we've gone shopping like this for each other since Christmas. So it was nice to get a few new nice things. Chris got some work pants, two plaid shorts, two dressy shirts, shoes, and tons of BLACK SOCKS. Since I have tons of clothes and are in no urgent need of anything like that I got new red hot high heels, a new purse, and a wallet. Im very content with what I got. Did I mention we didn't spend more than $130.00 for all those nice things we got. I'll have to post pics later just to show you what good taste we have. After that we got some lunch we got COSTA VIDA! yummy yummy.
Then we took a nice little nap, and then we realized how late it was we had to hurry up and get ready for the DBACKS GAME. I was so happy we got to go one more time because here on out I dont know if I'll have time to go again. Dbacks played an awesome game for us. It started out kind of slow but then by the 8th inning it picked up and we tied the game. We went to over time and the in the tenth inning we kicked their bootays. It was so exciting and fun. I loved everyone that got to go with us. My husband, my sister, mom, friends, and mama sharon & papa kirk and of cour my adorable niece. She is sooo adorable and I had the best time playing with her and looking through my phone as well as taking a million pictures.
Here are some pictures of some of the group:

I have so many more but I figure ill post them later once I get a chance to look throgh them. Although this night had some stumbling blocks- such as a flat and then having some key problems we made it there safe and then back home after changing a tire. Im so thankful for my man if he wouldn't have been with us we would've struggled so much more. Thanks Love!

Friday- We got ready to head out to our exciting trip to the talking sticks resort and it was awesome!!! I loved it so much. More details on the next post.

Much love,


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My favorite day is SUNDAY.

Hands down. The best day of the week is Sunday.

I love being able to just slow down for one day. It was given to us to rest. I love that.
Althought since this week has been pretty slow for week since I have an entire week off from work and school I've been a little bored. It's funny we complain when we're bored and when we're too busy. I guess we never really know how lucky we are until we're absent from it.

Here are some of my favorite reasons Sundays are the best:

1. No work, no worries.
2. No spending money- no shopping.
3. Family day- we sometimes have dinner with the in-laws or my family.
4. We can just sit back and relax.
5. Bake, cook, play games, nap, and get some "us" time.
6. Most of the time we arent rushed.
7. Refill our spiritual cup.
8. Get to teach our nursery kids.
9. Stay home most of the day.
10. We can go on walks, take pictures, visit friends or do anything as long as we keep the Sabbath holy.

That's why it's the best day of the week. We both don't work. We dedicate to the Lord and us. I look forward to this day because it keeps me sane. Sometimes my weeks go by so fast they become blury.
I am lovin our calling and our house more and more. I am thankful for every little good thing in our lives. I am also thankful for trials. Life is hard sometimes but if we endure to the end its worth it. Stay strong friends. Love you.

LOve you

Saturday Massage, oh baby!

I must tell you that if you've never gotten a professional massage i suggest you get one. It was AMAZING!
I decided for Chris and I's birthday I would do something different. Since I've never gotten a proffessional massage and Chris hasn't gotten one since he's been with me.
I was a little nervous since it was my very first time. I didnt know how it works ya know? SO we went in a five and it was an hour long for a couples massage and got an awesome deal.
The massage therapist was super nice to me and she was giving me tips about how I could help Chris with his bad back. :) I think I will go back someday but not for a little while because it's a luxury not a necessity. Maybe for our anniversary I will get us another massage.
What I liked a lot about this place was that it was close, very clean, and extremely professional. Although I you have to undress to just your underwear it wasn't weird because they cover you up with a soft blanket. I thought it would be sooo weird, and it wasnt.

If you've never gotten a professional massage I recommend it. After all we work work work to pay bill bill bills so why not put a little money aside and actually pamper yourself because you deserve it.
Im not going to lie right after I felt kind of bad spending money on that but then I thought we've never done this, so I think it was nice to finally spoil ourselves.

After the massage we were hungry since we hadn't ate dinner and we bought some delicious Mexican food, no not American-Mexican, we're talking about Authentic Mexican food! I loved it. <3
We had an awesome night. I am very thankful for my hard working husban and my relationship with him. Saturday was awesome.


Friday, August 5, 2011

IM in love and I dont care who knows it

Best nine months I've ever lived.
Thank you for making me feel beautiful and for being mine.
I love it when you come home after your ten hour shifts and you gave me a bigggg kiss!!!
You amaze me in ever way possible.
I am so excited to get a couples massage tomorrow and then a resort next weekend to celebrate our birthdays.
Life is so much more fun when you have someone to love and share it with.
And here's the good news we've made it further than most hollywood marraiges HA HA .

Te amo Christopher.
Perla Rudd

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Going back...

In case you haven't heard.
Chris and I have decided that we are going back to school!!!

Since we don't have any kids or things in the way we decided that we need to prepare ourselves to have a back up plan. Plus we believe we're both very smart and we're determined to fnish something we should've done a while ago.
I am feeling very good about this decision and I know it'll benefit us in the long run.

We'll get to exercise our brains and challenge ourselves. After all we are feeling kind of stuck where we're at its time we expand our horizons. I am going to keep going after my dream and I want Chris to go after his. We are capable of accomplishing good things, specially if we have the Lord on our side.

Have a great day after all its almost the weekend !!!! WOO HOOO..

I have so much to look forward to this weekend. We are planning on doing tons of chores around the house and then Saturday afternoon we are getting a couples massage!!! My very first professional one I can't wait it'll be such a good fun time.

Ill let you know how it goes.


Reminded me of when we were dating

This week we had an amazing Tuesday. And no I'm not trying to blog about it to show off but Im doing it because I wanted to document it for me. It's been a while since we went out to dinner and drove around town all evening long. On this night we did so much and it reminded me of when I dated Chris last year (while we engaged). We would always go out to movies, out to eat, visit friends, go run errands together and be together 24/7. I'm not saying we don't do that now but being married bring more bills and more bills with a side of responsibility. We really enjoy our relaxing stay at home and watch a movie time. Honestly though I didn't realize how much I took living with my parents for granted. I had no real worries or big bills. Now that we have a house and some toys and each other to care for, it all adds up. I must admit though Chris and I make such a good team. We always help each other out and protect each other.

Back to my story... Sorry Im feeling a bit talkative today with lots of energy. We went to a friends baby shower, Chipotle & Cold Stone, visit another friend and her newborn baby, and then we finished the night with some good ol shopping.

This was all after Chris got off work! So as you can imagine we had tons to do with little time. We went to baby Sophies welcome baby shower, which was so cute! I loved that they used lime green with pastel pink, those are some of my favorite colors together. I went and dropped off the gift and of course said hi to everyone. Then, we went to dinner because we were starving!! Chipotle was delicious... YUMMM and there wasn't that many people. After that, my hubby and I shared cold stone cone although it took us about 15 minutes to finally decide on what we wanted. I must say I didnt feel as bad eating both these things because I worked out for two hours at my 24 fitness gym. I was sweating like I never have before. I did boot camp & Yoga so yesss I deserved some good food.
Then, we visited Gaby and her three day old baby girl. It was a blast we ended up visiting her for about an hour long. Since it was getting a little late and the baby was getting hungry we said our goodbyes and went shopping. :D you know I love me some shopping. Now get this we bought these things all for $30.00:
*Chris got a new T-shirt
*Two new ties- a hot purple striped one and a grey & black striped tie
*Tongs for cooking
*A frame stand.
So I would say we did spectacular. I didn't find anything for me but then again we only shopped for 15 minutes. If you don't want to spend too much money I would say take your husband/boyfriend with you. Men don't have any patience for shopping. It's funny.
Anyways so once we got home I fell asleep as soon as I laid down and Chris ended up watching a movie alone :/ I was suppose to watch it with him but I just crashed.
(Now this is the funny part)
After the movie Chris very carefully put me in a comfortable sleeping position because I was all kinds of everywhere on the bed and upside down.. HA HA and he didn't want to wake me up but I did. When I got up he was squeezing me telling me not to leave him.. I was like whatt????
But we had rented the movie "BONDS OF SILENCE" and let me warn you right now. This is based on a true story and it is a lifetime type of movie. So it is a bit depressing to watch. To make a long story short theres this family of four and the wife and husband were super happy and then he gets in a comfrontation with teenagers and he ends up passing away. WAY SAD but good movie.
I didn't know this story line until I watched it the following day so it did surprise me that he was saying that. Chris is such a soft caring husband, I couldnt have asked for a better life. I am glad we have the relationship we have. We know it's not going to be easy but we're going to give it all we got.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

FHE this past Monday

I gave the lesson :) And I thought I planned it very well and it led to an amazing discussion that my husband and I had and spent hours talking about.

My lesson was titled "I am a child of God", I think I needed to remind our family that although it is just Chris and I for NOW... We must always remember who our spiritual family is. We sang the hymn "I am a child of God" without any instruments. We don't have a piano nor are we musically talented but we felt the spirit. It was amazing. I love being able to have so much fun with my husband when its just us two and we're just relaxing at home. We are so blessed and happy to have each other.

Then, I went on to talk about how importan it is for us to know how we are very different but yet we have my similarities to our Heavenly Father. It's amazing how the small and simple things go a long way. We are trying to do better at all those primary things the church teaches and we have felt them change and impact our lives. I am so much more happy and I can deal with the little things that get in the way so much better.

After our two hour discussion, which was amazing!!! We then went on to the computer togo and work on our vacation we've been trying to plan. We've been struggling with planning our California trip and as much as we want to it didnt work out. Everything was pointing no and we could'nt agree on anything. So then we decided to look at different resorts in Arizona and guess what???? WE FOUND ONE we both loved. We are going to Talking Sticks in Scottsdale and I'm so excited. :) We're going to get to relax and just pretend we're rich in a nice resort. I can't wait to just be with my baby and no one else to bother us. It'll be our second honeymoon, besides camping and such.

I think that this was a very successfull FHE. We learned, we talked, we booked and paid the resort, and last but not least we grew closer together.



Sunday Dinner

Was delicious. It was perfect and we had an awesome time.

After Chris and I watched "UNKNOWN" (which I highly recommend because it was very good movie and it kept me at the edge of my seat) We got dinner ready. We made some delicious home made fried chicken. It was our second time making it and it turned out excellent. Chris mainly was frying the chicken while I prepared everything else. We made some smashed potatoes, corn, salad- olive garden style, and lemon bars. Everything was so perfect. We were kind of rushing because we started a little later than we shoud've but my family was running fashionably late. HA HA, but then again it's very rare when they're on time. This was one of my favorite dinners we have ever made. Lucky for me my husband is so good at cooking and helping me out with everything. I am very gratefull for him and how wonderful and amazing he is towards me.
PS my family loved all the food and we hardly had any left overs. YAY! That's always a good sign when you make tons of food and its all gone by the end of the night.

Thank YOu Christopher! MUah xoxoxooxoxox


Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend details

Friday- I was working all morning to finish editing these pictures that I had to turn into the couple that I photographed on their wedding day. I did their bridals, family temple pictures, more bridals, and their entire night of the wedding reception. It was lovely and I got many priceless photos that I'll be able to save for my future website someday. I am so happy with the finished product. I am going to post some of my favorite on my other blog. ( I burned the cds and then put them in envelope. Next thing I know it is already 4 and I started getting ready for the gym. I went to TWO Zumbas, it was so much fun. I was pretty excited that my mom got to join me. My mom is seriously the COOLEST. I dont know many Moms that will go dancing with their daughter. She is so cute, we went to the house and she was showing the family her new dance moves. Ha ha She cracks me up. After eating some dinner I bought the family some Ice cream from Dairy Queen. It was fun!!! We had a good time with my mom, dad and sister. Being with all four of my family members is nice, I just wish my hubby was able to make it but he was working until 11pm. That pretty much sums up my day. It was a nice Friday and by the time my husband came home we both just watched TV for a little bit and then headed to bed.

Saturday- We woke up very early to go to help my parents with their yard sale at 5:30 am. WOW thats early considering Chris and I fell asleep around 1 or 2 AM. SO I was very sleepy. We were there helping them out and selling things and then I had to leave at nine and help out a friend with some work things and i didnt get done until 5. BUSY BUSY SATURDAY!!! Chris finished helping my mom and then he went off with he Rudd family. MY LOVE IS SOO FUNNY. When he was visiting my family and they decided to all get pedicures, with his sister & Mom. He is silly. I never thought I married someone who likes pedicures. ha ha I know have uglier toes than my husband. When I came home he told me about it and I was very shocked and a little sad because I havent gotten one in foreverrrrr so i was a bit jealous i was working while he was having a nice relaxing day. But after I expressed my jealousy Chris told me I would be happier after he gave me my birthday present. Then as we were getting ready he gives me this $30.00 gift certificate to a nail salon. WOW I felt like a jerk, after giving him a hard time for about half an hour he then hands me a gift card. WOOPS. But then I apologized and you know what Im only human. I make mistakes and I can be a bit bratty sometimes but I love Chris unconditionally even if he wants to get his pedicure. After we finished getting ready we went to my friend Ana's house to dinner. She made us some delicious lasagna and we had such a blast with our friends. We all got to catch up and socialize for a couple hours. We also played a fun game called something like URABN MYTH. It was so funny!!!!! We spent like three hours laughing our heads off. Then, by the time it was 10:15 we were getting so sleepy and decided it was best to go home. And that was all folks.

Sunday- was perfect. I love the Sabath day. It reminds me of what our purpose in life is and what truly makes us happy- church and family. That's all you need to be happy. We slept in a little bit and then got ready for church. We got to teach nursery with a very fun sub. Her name is Sister Griner, we loved her very much. She truly inspired me to be better. She prepared a very cute lesson to our kiddos and we had a very good class. We had a total of six kids yesterday. This is how we run nursery, or at least try to. For the first hour we straight up PLAY!!! It's so much fun we color, we build things, we play with cars, we play with babies, and we just run around and play with all the other kids. Then we all clean up, we have the children help us and they do a very good job. We usually pray before snacks, have a lesson, sing, and then we sometimes play with bubbles. Belive it or not two hours with 1 1/2 - 3 year olds flies!!! We have so much fun and we love our calling. We have been so blessed to have the calling that we have. I have learned so much more about Chris and I, and how we deal with children and all the different situations that come up. Yesterday I was told I will make a very good mother by Sister Griner and that just made my day. I hope she's right because I love children they light up my life. I am blessed to have all the people and friends in our life.
After we watched a very good movie :) very intense.

Love always


In the fall..

I am trying to plan to take 3 to 5 classes, work a part time job, be a good wifey, do my photography business stuff, and get my associates either in the fall or spring. I am very happy and proud of myself. I know most people my age are done with their bachelors but because of one thing or another I haven't been able to.
If I could I would already plan on transfering to ASU but I think I will have to wait a year for that. Im going to do some good research and try to fin scholarships and such. Maybe I can find a good one that'll at least help me out.
Wish me good luck because I will need it this semester. Hopefully I still have some me time. The good thing is that I will have all day Friday and Saturday free!!! So my hard days will only be monday & thursday. Thats not that bad but I havent done school in a semester or so. And to tell you the truth I've missed it. I love school, Im a nerd that way.

I am much more productive when I am active and always doing things. I know it'll be good for me. PLus I don't have any babies to keep me at home so I dont have anything from stopping me to be busy busy before babies come into the family.

I am excited and yesss I'm ready to kick it up in high gear. Fall Semester 2011- BRING IT!