Monday, August 1, 2011

In the fall..

I am trying to plan to take 3 to 5 classes, work a part time job, be a good wifey, do my photography business stuff, and get my associates either in the fall or spring. I am very happy and proud of myself. I know most people my age are done with their bachelors but because of one thing or another I haven't been able to.
If I could I would already plan on transfering to ASU but I think I will have to wait a year for that. Im going to do some good research and try to fin scholarships and such. Maybe I can find a good one that'll at least help me out.
Wish me good luck because I will need it this semester. Hopefully I still have some me time. The good thing is that I will have all day Friday and Saturday free!!! So my hard days will only be monday & thursday. Thats not that bad but I havent done school in a semester or so. And to tell you the truth I've missed it. I love school, Im a nerd that way.

I am much more productive when I am active and always doing things. I know it'll be good for me. PLus I don't have any babies to keep me at home so I dont have anything from stopping me to be busy busy before babies come into the family.

I am excited and yesss I'm ready to kick it up in high gear. Fall Semester 2011- BRING IT!


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