Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Saturday Massage, oh baby!

I must tell you that if you've never gotten a professional massage i suggest you get one. It was AMAZING!
I decided for Chris and I's birthday I would do something different. Since I've never gotten a proffessional massage and Chris hasn't gotten one since he's been with me.
I was a little nervous since it was my very first time. I didnt know how it works ya know? SO we went in a five and it was an hour long for a couples massage and got an awesome deal.
The massage therapist was super nice to me and she was giving me tips about how I could help Chris with his bad back. :) I think I will go back someday but not for a little while because it's a luxury not a necessity. Maybe for our anniversary I will get us another massage.
What I liked a lot about this place was that it was close, very clean, and extremely professional. Although I you have to undress to just your underwear it wasn't weird because they cover you up with a soft blanket. I thought it would be sooo weird, and it wasnt.

If you've never gotten a professional massage I recommend it. After all we work work work to pay bill bill bills so why not put a little money aside and actually pamper yourself because you deserve it.
Im not going to lie right after I felt kind of bad spending money on that but then I thought we've never done this, so I think it was nice to finally spoil ourselves.

After the massage we were hungry since we hadn't ate dinner and we bought some delicious Mexican food, no not American-Mexican, we're talking about Authentic Mexican food! I loved it. <3
We had an awesome night. I am very thankful for my hard working husban and my relationship with him. Saturday was awesome.


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