Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Last week went fast

Last week was awesome the office was closed and I didnt have to work.

I went entire week without working whatsoever. No office, no photography, no work. Although I missed it in a very weird way. After I started getting used to it it flew by!!

I got to go to the gym and take my time. I went about three or four solid times last week. I've been going to this hard core boot camp class and it is so tough. It makes me want to puke because it's just that hard. I love the feeling I get once I accomplish my class. It's such a great self-confdence booster.

Another fun thing I got to do a lot of was to clean and detail our house real good. I got to clean out our fridge which I dont think I've ever done since I moved into our house. Chris usually likes to do those sort of things. He's good at them and I'm not because it takes me forever. However I did an awesome job and im glad I did it.

Thursday- Chris had Thursday and Friday off so we got to take advantage of it. We took his truck in for some tuning up and then we went and did some shopping for our birthdays. :) We went and got both of us fun things . I don't think we've gone shopping like this for each other since Christmas. So it was nice to get a few new nice things. Chris got some work pants, two plaid shorts, two dressy shirts, shoes, and tons of BLACK SOCKS. Since I have tons of clothes and are in no urgent need of anything like that I got new red hot high heels, a new purse, and a wallet. Im very content with what I got. Did I mention we didn't spend more than $130.00 for all those nice things we got. I'll have to post pics later just to show you what good taste we have. After that we got some lunch we got COSTA VIDA! yummy yummy.
Then we took a nice little nap, and then we realized how late it was we had to hurry up and get ready for the DBACKS GAME. I was so happy we got to go one more time because here on out I dont know if I'll have time to go again. Dbacks played an awesome game for us. It started out kind of slow but then by the 8th inning it picked up and we tied the game. We went to over time and the in the tenth inning we kicked their bootays. It was so exciting and fun. I loved everyone that got to go with us. My husband, my sister, mom, friends, and mama sharon & papa kirk and of cour my adorable niece. She is sooo adorable and I had the best time playing with her and looking through my phone as well as taking a million pictures.
Here are some pictures of some of the group:

I have so many more but I figure ill post them later once I get a chance to look throgh them. Although this night had some stumbling blocks- such as a flat and then having some key problems we made it there safe and then back home after changing a tire. Im so thankful for my man if he wouldn't have been with us we would've struggled so much more. Thanks Love!

Friday- We got ready to head out to our exciting trip to the talking sticks resort and it was awesome!!! I loved it so much. More details on the next post.

Much love,


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