Thursday, May 16, 2013

Please don't do this

So this week I came to a conclusion that I don't like it when people talk bad about their significant other and put them on blast. I just don't think anyone deserves that. If you have a problem with your significant other, I believe you should talk to them and try to work towards fixing the problem.

Now you might be wondering why I'm saying this... Well I can across someone that I know talking bad about their spouse. I don't like it one bit and it kind of makes me mad. I was talking to Chris about it and he was fired up about it too.

My husband and I really got to talking about it and we both decided that it's silly that some people will go and start bashing on their spouse. What I'm trying to say is we all need to remember how powerful words are. We need to speak kind words to one another and say nice things about others.. I know I try and always say nice things about my husband and others. I've always thought that words hurt more than anything else. Wouldn't you want people to talk good things about you?


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Almost half-way

Hello there.
Can you believe it's almost June??
Dang it, and I've only blogged seven times!!!
Woops so much for my goal of trying to be better at blogging.
I failed.
Oh well guess I will make up for it in the 6 1/2 months I have
left. So if I blow up your blog newsfeed, I'm sorry. Not really ; )
Anyways I am in a typing/writing mood. I could be sleeping but I can't
right now. It stinks because I get insomnia in the most inconvenient times.
I guess I will update you on life.
 {Let's see it's getting so hot it makes it hard to even want to go
 outside, (unless you're swimming that is)}
{I am loving being a stay home mom}
{I am falling more and more in love with my husband even
though I didn't think it was possible}
{I am still doing photography and it's a nice money maker,
and it keeps me busy editing pictures, and improving my skills}
{Timothy is no longer a baby, he's a big boy!}
{We have been having a great 2013}
{Getting excited for swim season and this summer}
{I am getting over a hard time I've been having that
absolutely sucks, let's just say midol and chocolate
have been my best friends}
{I notice how much of a baby and a whimp I can be}
{Date nights have been life-savers}
{The Gospel has kept me sane, and positive through anything
and everything}
{Our first date 3rd year anniversary is this month!}
{Time is going too fast}
{Taking pictures of the babies and weddings have
been my favorite right now}
{I know I'm random, but that's why you love me!}
{I need to post more. THE END} 
(How cute is our family picture that we took in March?)
Love ya!