Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Almost half-way

Hello there.
Can you believe it's almost June??
Dang it, and I've only blogged seven times!!!
Woops so much for my goal of trying to be better at blogging.
I failed.
Oh well guess I will make up for it in the 6 1/2 months I have
left. So if I blow up your blog newsfeed, I'm sorry. Not really ; )
Anyways I am in a typing/writing mood. I could be sleeping but I can't
right now. It stinks because I get insomnia in the most inconvenient times.
I guess I will update you on life.
 {Let's see it's getting so hot it makes it hard to even want to go
 outside, (unless you're swimming that is)}
{I am loving being a stay home mom}
{I am falling more and more in love with my husband even
though I didn't think it was possible}
{I am still doing photography and it's a nice money maker,
and it keeps me busy editing pictures, and improving my skills}
{Timothy is no longer a baby, he's a big boy!}
{We have been having a great 2013}
{Getting excited for swim season and this summer}
{I am getting over a hard time I've been having that
absolutely sucks, let's just say midol and chocolate
have been my best friends}
{I notice how much of a baby and a whimp I can be}
{Date nights have been life-savers}
{The Gospel has kept me sane, and positive through anything
and everything}
{Our first date 3rd year anniversary is this month!}
{Time is going too fast}
{Taking pictures of the babies and weddings have
been my favorite right now}
{I know I'm random, but that's why you love me!}
{I need to post more. THE END} 
(How cute is our family picture that we took in March?)
Love ya!



  1. I almost feel like random posts are the best kind because you can get all your feelings and recent happenings out at once!! And I love your family picture :)
    (PS, I can't wait for you to blow up my newsfeed, haha!)

  2. Thanks Rachael!!!! I am just a very random person, and I appreciate your input it means a lot to me. :)