Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sis Birthday

I have to put it on here.. Today is my sisters birthday and she turns 20. I am so happy and proud of her for being the person she is today. I want her to know that I will always be there for her and that she is very loved. I hope she continues to grow and learn from life's experiences and hopefully she finds something she really wants to do for the rest of her life.

Happy Birthday Stephanie.


Your sister,


Seriously, Where did September go?

I cant believe I havent wrote but like a few times this month. We've been so busy at the Rudd house. It seems like all we do is work, school, sleep and eat.
Although I have to admit I've been having a little bit of a hard time adjusting to being pregnant. Here are a couple reasons why:
1. I am sooooooooo emotionoal.
2. I am always hungry.
3. My apettite is not so great right now.
4. Sleep gets harder and harder.
5. The tiredness is killing me.
6. I am very sensitive and moody.
7. My senses such as my smelling has been enhanced to a level I didnt know was possible.
8. But the worst has to be the nights. I am getting evening sickness so bad.

Although it all seems like I'm being negative at this point I don't mean to be. Im just stating the facts. Don't worry I am very thankful and I feel blessed to be pregnant. I am so excited and look forward to having a new member in our family.

Here are some positive things:
1. I have a wonderful husband that I have bonded with more than ever with this pregnancy.
2. I am getting spoiled by family, and friends.
3. You get special treatments and people are more understanding.
4. I will find out what I'm having in a little less than two months.
5. I have something amazing to look forward to.
6. Chris and I will be parents before we know it. WOOO HOOO!!
7. I will make my parents first-time grandparents and they are so excited.

I always try to be positive and look at the glass half full instead of half empty. I am praying hard that I stay strong because I am nervous and a little scared. I have some nights that are so hard for me because my body feels so weird and I dont feel good whatsoever that all I can do is cry cry and Chris will just hold me and try to make me feel better- which he does.
I am so excited and I can't wait to be done with the first trimester in a week! :)
I will be almost a third of the way done and I hear the second trimester is the best.

I have to say that I am very excited that its going to start getting cooler since fall is around the corner. Also, our one year anniversary is in a month!! I can't believe I have been married for almost a year now.
I feel so blessed and loved next to my husband and the people in our lives. I know I will get through the hard times and I just need to suck it up and take it day by day.
Sundays are what help ease my weeks.



Thursday, September 8, 2011

Best lunch ever..

This week we bought Season 8 of the Office and we are already in love.

We had lunch and watched two episodes today!!

<3 what an amazing way to my spend my free hour.

It was so delicious and it reminded me of our engagements.

Chris didnt like The Office at first, he got introduced to it by me.. He watched it from the very beginning and that's when he started liking it. And ever since then we fell in love, got married and continued watching the office. It holds a special place in my heart. Ha ha Jk but we do love the show.

We watched probably half of season 8 so I'm excited to see what we missed and laugh at how dumb Michael is. Im going to miss him.. OH and season premier will be two weeks from today. I cant wait. It gives me something to look forward to. Hopefully time goes fast because I want to finish this semester and graduate , and then have this amazing baby!! I know Im jumping ahead of myself but if you know me you know thats just the way my personality is.

So heres to an amazing semester and rest of the year!!! did I mention im so excited about septmeber because that means weather has to cool down at least a little bit and our anniversary is in less than two months. I still love him like when I got married. We still got that newlywed love!!!

Love love love you!



Labor day was a blast for me.


I caught up on my sleep and I got to stay home half the day. That hasn't happened for a month.


I got to read lots and lots of pages in my pregnancy book and I love it. My bestttest best friend Candice let me borrow the book "What to expect when youre expecting" and I am learning tons. I am learning that there's so many rules to pregnancy. TOO MANY IF you ask me. I cant have medicine, lots of foods I like-TUNA, and I cant be as active as I once was. Ill still try to be active but defidently not pushing myself to any point of fatigue. There are so many rules, that Ive never heard of.

I finally finished some business cards for a client I have so that I could help her with her business. They turned out GREAT and she loved them. Finally all those photoshop and tons of photography classes are paying off. She payed me and I ordered them so she'll get them in about a week. Im excited to see what they look like in person.

Then I went to Target. I searched around the clothes and tried some on. I found some cute things but I didnt want to spend any money because I need to save and not spend. But once I make some more business on the side I will buy myself a cutedress for church that I can wear throughtout the pregnancy. I bought a couple nic-nacs but nothing special.

Once I got home my baby was home and I had to finish translating a paper for a friend. Thats right Ill occassionally do that on the side as well. SO let me know when you need me. As soon as I finished we went to my parents and to Chris parents for dinner. I had menudo at my family's and chris ate hamburgers/hot dogs at his. I still ate some watermelon dont worry.
I felt bad but nothing at my inlaws looked good. Like I've been telling you my appetitte has been very lazy and its hard for me to find something I want to eat. So I ate what i could. We stayed for a few hours and talked. I was playing with my cute niece ZOlie, she is sooooo adorable!! She just loves to play with my phone and play with me. I would lay down on the couch and she'd follow me. She cracks me up.

That was our Labor day, not too exciting but perfect. I had a good day and I still accomplished much although I got the rest i deserved.

I am thankful for the work we have and am also grateful for school. I am very excited to graduate either in dec or may.. dont know yet but I will.

Hope everyone had a good week and day off.


Weekend this last.

No doubt about it we all love weekends. Specially me. I am working working school school study and then trying to see my wonderful husband is quite the rush. So on the weekends we get some amazing alone time and get to go on dates, take naps, and just relax for a couple minutes.
I think we can get all caught up in our lives and not get to see the beauty in the small and simple things. Although we still both had busy morning-afternoons, we had decided since early on that we would go on a date. :) We went to applebees and a enjoyed a much needed evening together. The only bad thing was we had to wait about a half hour and I was hungry, and we were sorrounded by the most annoying-high maintanence people I have ever been sorrounded by. It was quite the eventful night, very entertaining. We then went and saw some baby things at wal-mart and it was sooo cute!! I loved looking at all the cute baby things with Chris. It truly feels like a dream come true to be pregnant and look around for our future baby things. As of right now we havent bought many things but just a crib--- haha I know right?? But I can explain. We got it super cheap and couldnt pass this opportunity. We got it for a fifth of the price brand new! We are so happy and excited to get the nursery ready in the next coming months. I am already coming up with some very exciting and fun ideas.
Then after grocery shopping and such we came home to watch some TV and sleep!!! DId I mention I cant stay up past ten and I feel very sluggish all day. Its funny I never thought Id be this way but I guess something had to slow me down.

Sunday we went to church and it was uplifting. We made it early to church and you'd be proud. Lately we havent been too good on being prompt but we are going to make it our goal to be early to Sacrament every Sunday. We need to be the best we can be specially with this baby inside of me, we've got to be good examples and stay on our toes. May I add that our nursery class consisted of three amazing little ones. It was fun we played, we sang, we learned, we ate snacks, and we played dodgeball!! Ha ha . Perfect calling for Chris and I. During our nursery time we had these subs with us and they were lots of fun. Theyre a sweet cute couple and they shared some stories with us. They touched me and I wish I could help out others like them. I wont get into too much detail but they cant have babies & theyve been married for eight years.
And here I am almost married for a year and pregnant. LIfe is too good to be true sometimes. I know they'll be parents someday specially with heavenly fathers plan. I know that whatever happens I have heavenly father and an amazing family to support me. :) Life is good and although it's been a little hard for me I know I can do it and Ill get on my knees as much as I have to. I feel very blessed. I feel loved.

Life is too short to be upset or angry about. I will enjoy everything that comes my way and I will do the best I can to be a wonderful wife to Chris. He has been taking such good care of me. Our love has matured in so many ways with the past year and half that I've been with him.

I love him sooo much!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

I love being busy but..

I miss my husband. I am very close to him and I love to spend as much time with him as I can but since I have work and school its been hard to go without seeing each other almost for an entire day. The only thing keeping me sane is the weekends and getting to see my baby at night.
We are in an urget need for a date and we are finally going on one this Saturday!! Wooo hooo. We figure we'll do the traditional dinner&movie. I like going out with my baby and spending lots and lots of quality time. My favorite thing is when he opens doors for me and treats me like a lady. It's the most amazing and special feeling in the world.

I have never been so excited to have a break like this Monday!! I don't even know what Im going to do. I don't know if I want to stay home and just relax or go to gym and visit some friends and family. I am still undecided. I guess I should probably just wait until this weekend to figure all that out.
Dont holidays make you get so excited just because they dont make you go to school? Well this is just what I need. I am used to going to work and school from nine to seven at night. I hope all of you have an amazing weekend because mine will be awesome.

Love ,