Thursday, September 8, 2011


Labor day was a blast for me.


I caught up on my sleep and I got to stay home half the day. That hasn't happened for a month.


I got to read lots and lots of pages in my pregnancy book and I love it. My bestttest best friend Candice let me borrow the book "What to expect when youre expecting" and I am learning tons. I am learning that there's so many rules to pregnancy. TOO MANY IF you ask me. I cant have medicine, lots of foods I like-TUNA, and I cant be as active as I once was. Ill still try to be active but defidently not pushing myself to any point of fatigue. There are so many rules, that Ive never heard of.

I finally finished some business cards for a client I have so that I could help her with her business. They turned out GREAT and she loved them. Finally all those photoshop and tons of photography classes are paying off. She payed me and I ordered them so she'll get them in about a week. Im excited to see what they look like in person.

Then I went to Target. I searched around the clothes and tried some on. I found some cute things but I didnt want to spend any money because I need to save and not spend. But once I make some more business on the side I will buy myself a cutedress for church that I can wear throughtout the pregnancy. I bought a couple nic-nacs but nothing special.

Once I got home my baby was home and I had to finish translating a paper for a friend. Thats right Ill occassionally do that on the side as well. SO let me know when you need me. As soon as I finished we went to my parents and to Chris parents for dinner. I had menudo at my family's and chris ate hamburgers/hot dogs at his. I still ate some watermelon dont worry.
I felt bad but nothing at my inlaws looked good. Like I've been telling you my appetitte has been very lazy and its hard for me to find something I want to eat. So I ate what i could. We stayed for a few hours and talked. I was playing with my cute niece ZOlie, she is sooooo adorable!! She just loves to play with my phone and play with me. I would lay down on the couch and she'd follow me. She cracks me up.

That was our Labor day, not too exciting but perfect. I had a good day and I still accomplished much although I got the rest i deserved.

I am thankful for the work we have and am also grateful for school. I am very excited to graduate either in dec or may.. dont know yet but I will.

Hope everyone had a good week and day off.


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