Monday, February 28, 2011

What a weekend!

I am so happy that I was finally able to
participate in Ragnar this past weekened
along with my husband & friends.
It was amazing, but tough.
I cant describe how hard it was other than to try
and paint a picture on your mind.
Imagine running 4.5 miles then 5 miles, and then
to finish up I had to do 3.5 miles straight uphill!
(This all happened within 24 hours by the way.)
This included:
*Sleep deprivation
*Stomach feeling yucky
*Nauseous from being in
a van with 5 other stinky
*Being extremely soar from
not letting my body rest.

I am feeling good today though.
It was very rough but well worth it!
We got a cool shirt, medal, sticker,
and the best of all I got the wonderful
memories from our wonderful team.
The Honeymooners rocked it !
Started in Wickenburg and finished by Tempe
Town Lake.
200 miles 2 vans and 12 members

I loved the feeling I got once I finished.
I am grateful for what my body allows me
to accomplish. :)

Whats next?? Maybe Pats Run.. on April 16
4.2 miles is way better than the 10k I did
in Las Sendas.
I will post my pictures later from our team
but here are some that I found online.
It was truly amazing to be a part of this

Below I have posted some pics of what reminded
me of everything that went down.
1. The ragnar symbol is pretty significant :)
2. The map of what went down this year. From start
to finish. It doesnt seem like that in a vehicle but
when you're running that your feet and body want to
just rest.
3. The portopotties were gross but they were our only
way of being able to do what you had to do, eek!
4. We handed of a bracelet off to the next person who
had to start running.
5. The finish looked a little something like this, it
was awesome :P My favorite part of the whole race. jaja

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just let me reminisce for a moment please

These memories make me extremely happy:
( oh and I wrote some of these on the sweet
card I made my Christopher <3 )

*I remember when....
Chris would keep asking me how much
I like him from a one to a ten when
we first started dating.

*I remember when....
We would have many sleepless nights
because no matter how tired we were
all we wanted to do was hang out,
kiss, and cuddle !

*I remember when...
I was so nervous to have dinner with
his family for the first time and I
wasn't even hungry and I squirte KETCHUP
all over my new pants :/

*I remember when...
I was so nervous to kiss Chris for
the first time.

*I remember when...
I hated saying good night to each
other because all we wanted to do
was be together.

*I remember when..
We first said I love you to each other
when he took me camping with his family
for the first time.

*I remember when...
Chris would always go to church with me
when we were engaged.

*I remember when...
I cried in front of Chris for the first
time and he just held me and said he
wasnt going to leave me until I was
calm, even though he had to work at 5 in
the morning.

*I remember when...
I had so much in my head to plan for my
wedding and all I wanted to do was be
married already!

*I remember when...
I wrapped a million gizillion presents
for our first Christmas and I was so
excited to give them to him.
(And then I ended up telling him
what half of his presents were )

I have been having so much fun getting to know
Chris! He is amazing. He's helpful and loves me.
I can't wait to see what the future holds.
Even though life just seems to fly by at the
moment. I am so excited and looking forward
to the summer!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Oh it is love

Let me explain what my day has consisted of.
* First, I woke up to make my husband breakfast at
445 in the morning! I tried to make some heart shapped
pancakes and failed because I had little time and had to
speed up the process. Jaaja (I had fun though). My last one
I was able to make an awesome looking heart to put on top.
With a side of eggs.Yumm yummmm :) he enjoyed that very much.
* Second, I helped my sweeet sexy husband push and move his
truck so that it wouldnt be stuck in our driveway. This is the
only bitter thing that tried to get in the way of our perfect
day. But no worries I didn't let it get to us.
We worked as a team and pushed it down the driveway to the other side
of the street. We did it in about 15 minutes.
*Thirdly, my gooood goood friend Candice and I made treats all
morning yesterday. We made cupcakes, cookies, brownies, and
strawberries dipped in CHOCOLATE for our sweet husbands. I was soo
happy with the end result. We both shared the treats and they looked
so cute.
*Then, Nothing tooo exciting but work for about 8 hours and then I got
picked up by my handsome husband. We dropped off treats to my parents and
headed home finally at about 9pm. We got to eat dinner and finish WALK
*if youre wondering what my cute husband did for me.. well he bought me a
beautiful boquet of red roses and put them in a beautiful vase. And this
was a very sweet detail coming from Chris because the only other time he's
given me roses was when he proposed to me.. so it reminded me of that. He
also made us an awesome dinner! I was very impressed he had it all done when
I came home.
*We finished the night by making out! HAHA jk

I my day was very productive.
I have been soo excited to have my first Valentines day with
my husband. :P I am trying to be such a goood wife specially
on this day because I wanted it to be perfect.
& I think everythings was great!!
I wish I could've done more but my days have been busy and
being quite blury lately.
Working full time, and trying to enjoy every minute that my
husband and I have together has been a little bit tougher
than I thought during the tax season.
I am also trying to train for our Ragnar race, trying to get
better from my cold, go to all our family events, have some me time,
go on dates, be wifey, go to church, and not to mention keep up with
having my own place.
I know what you're thinking call me a big baby!!!
But you have to consider the fact that I've never lived on
my own until I got married. So that's a huge change alone.

All in all i have to confess one thing:
I am so glad I got married to Chris. He is the best
decision I have ever made. I am so happy to be where I
am today. We have our own house, a wonderful relationship,
and two unique dogs. Haha
I feel like I am so rich in blessings right now. And i dont care
that I dont have an excess amount of money to go shopping as much
as I'd like or the fact that I dont have a brand new car.
i have a wonderful family on both sides. My new family (inlaws)
are so nice and welcoming to me. I love everything about them.
I love the church i belong to ,and I love being able to accomplish
hard things while having my Hubby next to me so I can share my
experiences. I am Happy and loved.
I dont need anything else but
more time.
I hope you felt the true meaning of what I believe Valentines
day should be about. It's not about how much you spend on someone but
how you express what they mean to you in your own unique way.
As long as you made a friend, family member, spouse, or even family member
than I think thats all that should matter.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Good News :)

Chris and I ...














Both survived our first 10k
Oh my goodness I am feeling
extremely soar, but so happy that
I accomplished running the hardest hills
ever. I am exhausted and proud of Chris.
It was so neat to run with my husband
pretty much the entire time. It truly is
a huge accomplishment fo us. And even
though every inch of my body aches
right now I feel so good inside and I know
that I can do anything I want to if I set my
mind to it.
The run is called Ethans run and it was
located in East Mesa. We ran in a community
called Las Sendas.
Here are some pictures I didn't take but want to
post them because they relate to my post.
Running isn't fun for me, but I'm starting to use
it in my regular exercise more often. Specially since
we have Ragnar around the corner.
I cant wait for the many exciting things happening this
month. We are going to have so much fun participating
in Ragnar. That is going on in two weeks, so wish me
good luck :)
Anyways thats about the best news I could share with
you because I am so happy it's over. 6.2 miles to run in
a hilly location are not easy for me. I love short distances,
I'm a sprinter.
I couldnt be happier now that I overcame that.
Time to give it all I got at Ragnar in two weeks.