Saturday, February 12, 2011

Good News :)

Chris and I ...














Both survived our first 10k
Oh my goodness I am feeling
extremely soar, but so happy that
I accomplished running the hardest hills
ever. I am exhausted and proud of Chris.
It was so neat to run with my husband
pretty much the entire time. It truly is
a huge accomplishment fo us. And even
though every inch of my body aches
right now I feel so good inside and I know
that I can do anything I want to if I set my
mind to it.
The run is called Ethans run and it was
located in East Mesa. We ran in a community
called Las Sendas.
Here are some pictures I didn't take but want to
post them because they relate to my post.
Running isn't fun for me, but I'm starting to use
it in my regular exercise more often. Specially since
we have Ragnar around the corner.
I cant wait for the many exciting things happening this
month. We are going to have so much fun participating
in Ragnar. That is going on in two weeks, so wish me
good luck :)
Anyways thats about the best news I could share with
you because I am so happy it's over. 6.2 miles to run in
a hilly location are not easy for me. I love short distances,
I'm a sprinter.
I couldnt be happier now that I overcame that.
Time to give it all I got at Ragnar in two weeks.


  1. Way to go Perla and Chris! So cute that you two did it together. I don't think Lance and I could ever do that.

    I appreciate it. I wish we
    wouldve taken pictures but we didnt
    get a chance to. I was so nervous and
    now i am relieved to get that overwith

  3. Kim--
    I bet you Lance would do it :)