Monday, October 31, 2011

Alis Giveaway

One of my friends is having a giveaway for her birthday. If you want to enter a chance to win you just have to do easy things. GO TO HER PAGE :)

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Our Happily Ever After


Happy Halloween

I hope everyone had a good weekend and you enjoy your Monday with your families.
Have fun ! You know we will.

Bob the builder & Dora the Explora


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I cant wait

My nephew Malcom is going to be born any day and Im so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is going to be my first nephew that I'll get to know ever since he's a baby baby and I am so excited. We keep praying for his safe arrival and I want Malcom to know that I want to hold him and take tons of pictures of him real soon. So please hurry so we can shower you with our love and hold you.

I love babies and I love my family even more. I can remember the day that my sister-in-law Mandi told us that she was pregnant with a second baby. OH words can't express my happiness and love for my new family. They are so much fun and we love being around them. I'll post pictures of my adorable nephew as soon as I meet him, today is his due date so let's hope it's sometime this weekend. :)



A special mother

My mom is so special to me and I love her very much. I would like to put her on the spot light and wish he a very happy birthday because she deserves it. I am so blessed to have her in my life. I want to be just like her when Im older. I want to cook, clean and work like her. I have never met a woman stronger and more beautiful than my mom. She truly is a great example of how women should be. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM you are the world's greatest mom, friend and example to me.
I know you will be a great grandmother.

Love you so much.


Monday, October 17, 2011

We're thinking

Maybe a mini vacation this weekend? To escape this heat, and go up to Payson with the trailer and taking all three dogs with us. I hope we get to but it depends on a couple of things since it's so short notice. I think it'll be fun. My man, me and our doggies. Plus Paysons like down to the 40s at night and only reaches a high of 79 in the day, compared to 98 here..

I love the fall months and I specially love the holidays. Im so excited that Thanksgiving is in 5 weeks. Chris and I are planning another trip that we'll hopefully go on for sure. :P

We'll see what happens we just like to take it day by day.

Im excited that tomorrow I have a OB/GYN apptment and Chris will be able to go with me. I can't wait to see how big Rudd baby is, and how the baby is doing. We love you RUDD BABY, Im so excited to meet you.



My immune systems needs to step it up


I never get this sick. I don't know if its because of nursery or the fact that I'm pregnant. I don't know but I sure don't like this feeling one bit. And it's not the throwing up sick but the cold, congested, sore throat sick.
I am a horrible sick person. Some people are good at it and relax and watch TV but Im not. I just get depressed and so bored.

That's why this weekend was horrible. I couldn't sleep, I kept tossing and turning and then I couldn't breathe beause of my throat. UGH! So frustrating and this happened on both Friday and Saturday night. By Sunday I was exhausted, grumpy and sad. I woke up in a bad mood because I want to feel better and I still didn't so that automatically made me cranky. I don't understand why I have to be sick so much because I have always had an awesome immune system and hardly ever got sick before this.

And at church we have our nursery callings so we can't call in whenever we really need to because we need to find subs in advance and our nursery leader is sick sometimes and goes out of town so that makes it rather more challenging. Being in nursery has its ups and downs. Luckily for us they called another lady this weekend to help us out so now it won't be as hard. So yesterday we made it to church on time :) and we had a pretty good class. My favorite little girl wasnt there so that was a downer, but oh well. YES I DID JUST SAY I HAVE A FAVORITE, it's not like they're my kids they're just our nursery kids. Ha ha. Once we got done with church I finished my big wedding pics and I gave the newlywed couple their discs. Then, we went and visited my parents and had some lunch. That's when things went a little downhill. I ate this yummy STEW and let me tell you it was so YUMMY! I don't know what happened but I had my first ( WARNING : IF YOURE EATING OR EASILY DISGUSTED IM SORRY JUST CLOSE THIS PAGE) incident with throwing up. EWWE in my parents bathroom, hey at least I made it to the toilet. Keep in mind that I am now in week 13 and should be done with morning sickness. I dont get it, but I do think it has to do with me being under the weather. I wasn't feeling good at all the entire day and I think I ate too fast, and the flem on the back on my throat was grossing me out. That's why I believe it has to do with all the yucky stuff I have in my throat. After that I tried to finish the rest of my soup very slowly and carefully and I felt so much better.
Sorry if that's a gross story but it's weird when I experience random things like that since it doesn't happen to me, ever- hardly ever.

Then, we went home and had to do some other pictures. YAY! Once I finally finished this pregnancy shoot I did I was able to relax. By that time I had a migrane, I was feeling like having another incident, my throat was hurting and very tired. Not a good combination for pregnant emotional person. I went to the room and just bawled my eyes out. I was so sad and I keep feeling so helpless. I feel like there's nothing I can do- since I can't really take medicine. I just want to have a good time but I feel like this trial of me being sick and tired is not as easy as I thought it'd be. Lucky for me I have a strong sweet husband such as Chris, who is always concerned for me and willing to do whatever it takes to make me feel better.

Chris held me close to him and just listened to me complain and let it all out. Then, he took care of me and helped me with anything that I needed or wanted. I could feel his love and that made me feel better. I am so thankful and I honestly couldn't have ended up with a more perfect man for me. We grow closer and closer when we turn to each other and the Lord when we have a hard time with something.

I must report that I feel so much better today, not a hundred percent but so much better.



Monday, October 10, 2011

Nursery got ROWDY

This past Sunday as we were in nursery it seriously felt like the longest two hours of my life. I haven't gotten it this bad ever. Being pregnant means you get annoyed with things so easily and it can be very frustrating. Let me draw you a picture.

I was tired, not feeling good, and on top of that hungry. The kids started out pretty good but there were these two kids that kept horsing around the entire time. No matter how much I told them to stop, and I was being very serious they kept going back to that behaviour. Our nursery leader even stepped in and put them in time out and that didn't help but like for two minutes. These two boys were very rambuctious, hyper, and it gave me a head ache. By the last thirty minutes I gave up caring and just let them play since nothing I was doing was working. Plus by the end of class i almost had zero energy left- I KID YOU NOt.
Driving home from church Chris asked are you okay? I said no, Im tired and not feeling good. So I changed to comfy clothes and went straight to a nap right after church. Slept for two entire hours, and I woke up very refreshed and energetic.

I know our calling was given to us for a reason but yesterday was just one of those days I just wasn't feeling good at all. I'm so glad other people help in nursery and its not just Chris and I. The rest of the Sunday evening was much better and Chris and I had a lovely evening. <3



Picking up my slack

Since I've been pregnant it has been a billion times harder to stay on top of everything that life brings me. It doesn't matter what task it is I feel like I can't do it or I just don't have the energy to do it. I may sound a bit dramatic but these are my true feelings. I feel like I can never be on top of laundry and dishes. I am trying so hard yet I feel like it's not hard enough. I am so blessed to have the family and husband that I do have. They have all been nothing but perfect to me. Specially Chris he's been helping me so much and stepping it up to the plate more than enough. I honestly don't know what I'd do without him. Although this pregnancy has been a little hard for me to get used to it has brought Chris and I together more than I ever thought possible. He truly is the answer to my prayers that I kept praying about over and over again. This pregnancy is also another answer to our prayers.
I didn't know if I could have kids- truth be told and it took us eight months to get pregnant. Although I know that's not a long time compared to other people it seemed long to me. I figured if we didn't get pregnant in a year we would go see a doctor in that field. I can't express to you how excited we are to be pregnant and everything has been good. A little before we got pregnant we had been praying and praying for our future family and Heavenly Father answered us in such a special way.
So therefore my little complaints are insignificant I must endure whatever comes my way and we must be stronger than ever. It's not easy but I know it'll be worth it.



Dbacks and Bday party

For my sister's birthday I took her to the Dbacks game. We went to the last game of the regular season and we had a good time, just the two of us. Unfortunately we lost :( but at least the tickest I got were free.
We rode the metro there so we missed half the game because of me getting off work. My sister and I had a good time and met some pretty interesting people along the way. I also saw some things things that I really didn't want to see and I'm glad we got away from the crazy drunk people.

All in all it was an okay game, but an even better time well spent with my sister. I was happy she wanted to go with me because I told her so last minute. I bought her everything she wanted and we got to have some good sister bonding time.

(This was on Wednesday)

Then on Saturday my sister had a dinner that we got to go to. It had some delicious Mexican food and some great company. I helped my mom make a few desserts and kind of prepare. I was very tired on this day because of me being Prego and all. We got to spend some nice quality time with the family and I loved how happy my family was on this night. I have to tell you I love how much Chris gets along with my family and how much he's gotten better at speaking SPanish since being around them. He makes me such a proud wife.