Monday, October 10, 2011

Nursery got ROWDY

This past Sunday as we were in nursery it seriously felt like the longest two hours of my life. I haven't gotten it this bad ever. Being pregnant means you get annoyed with things so easily and it can be very frustrating. Let me draw you a picture.

I was tired, not feeling good, and on top of that hungry. The kids started out pretty good but there were these two kids that kept horsing around the entire time. No matter how much I told them to stop, and I was being very serious they kept going back to that behaviour. Our nursery leader even stepped in and put them in time out and that didn't help but like for two minutes. These two boys were very rambuctious, hyper, and it gave me a head ache. By the last thirty minutes I gave up caring and just let them play since nothing I was doing was working. Plus by the end of class i almost had zero energy left- I KID YOU NOt.
Driving home from church Chris asked are you okay? I said no, Im tired and not feeling good. So I changed to comfy clothes and went straight to a nap right after church. Slept for two entire hours, and I woke up very refreshed and energetic.

I know our calling was given to us for a reason but yesterday was just one of those days I just wasn't feeling good at all. I'm so glad other people help in nursery and its not just Chris and I. The rest of the Sunday evening was much better and Chris and I had a lovely evening. <3



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  1. PERLA!! You're not the only one! My Sunday was EXACTLY the same!!! I honestly would have gone insane if Jeff wouldn't have been there...and it was 2 specific boys that were driving me nuts just have to remember that next week will be better :) It can't get any worse, right? Haha!