Monday, October 17, 2011

We're thinking

Maybe a mini vacation this weekend? To escape this heat, and go up to Payson with the trailer and taking all three dogs with us. I hope we get to but it depends on a couple of things since it's so short notice. I think it'll be fun. My man, me and our doggies. Plus Paysons like down to the 40s at night and only reaches a high of 79 in the day, compared to 98 here..

I love the fall months and I specially love the holidays. Im so excited that Thanksgiving is in 5 weeks. Chris and I are planning another trip that we'll hopefully go on for sure. :P

We'll see what happens we just like to take it day by day.

Im excited that tomorrow I have a OB/GYN apptment and Chris will be able to go with me. I can't wait to see how big Rudd baby is, and how the baby is doing. We love you RUDD BABY, Im so excited to meet you.




  1. yay for babies! and thanks giving! but babies are WAY BETTER

  2. YES I AGREE!! Who doesn't love the one holiday that we get to pig out on some delicious home made food with our families?? But better yet seeing a baby smile or giggle with chubby cheeks.