Monday, October 10, 2011

Dbacks and Bday party

For my sister's birthday I took her to the Dbacks game. We went to the last game of the regular season and we had a good time, just the two of us. Unfortunately we lost :( but at least the tickest I got were free.
We rode the metro there so we missed half the game because of me getting off work. My sister and I had a good time and met some pretty interesting people along the way. I also saw some things things that I really didn't want to see and I'm glad we got away from the crazy drunk people.

All in all it was an okay game, but an even better time well spent with my sister. I was happy she wanted to go with me because I told her so last minute. I bought her everything she wanted and we got to have some good sister bonding time.

(This was on Wednesday)

Then on Saturday my sister had a dinner that we got to go to. It had some delicious Mexican food and some great company. I helped my mom make a few desserts and kind of prepare. I was very tired on this day because of me being Prego and all. We got to spend some nice quality time with the family and I loved how happy my family was on this night. I have to tell you I love how much Chris gets along with my family and how much he's gotten better at speaking SPanish since being around them. He makes me such a proud wife.


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