Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A special thank you

I want to thank my friend because of her I am able to have such a cute blog- I love how talented and sweet she has been to me- so I returned the favor this past weekend and gave her a free photo shoot. She deserved it and the pictures turned out so cute!!
Thank you.



Four day weekend. YES!

I am kind of sad that my four day weekend came to and end today. BOOO!!! I feel like it got off to a very slow start and then it was over in a flash. It started off super slow because I was sick all day Friday, but anyways here is an overview of our wonderful weekend with the Rudds :)

Friday- I got to stay home all day and relax. Do you know how often this happens? Hardly ever. The reason why I couldnt go anywhere was because I wasn't even well enough to drive after I was at my parents celebrating my sisters graduation. I asked Chris to pick me up from my parents so I wouldn't have to drive. So that's how I was left carless all day!! I got to sleep in, play with the doggies, watch movies, edit pictures, relax, and visit with our roomate. It was a very relaxing day, so relaxing it got a little boring for me. Then, after 10 grusome hours of not seeing my baby I finally saw him and we got to watch a little TV and headed off to bed.

Saturday- We got up pretty early to meet Ali & Andrew to take some cute pictures of them. We had so much fun with them down at Tempe Town Lake- ( which by the way I am still working on the pictures but I should be done with them soon.) I WAS SO EXCITED that my hubby was able to go with me because it makes me feel so good when I have him by my side. It makes me so happy and proud to have him by my side. Another great thing about taking him was that I made him take a couple pictures with me - courtesy of the fabulous Ali Bowler! I was so happy and although the weather is getting a little warm we managed to survive the photo shoot. I'm so excited to give her the pictures because they turned out super cute. After that we went and got Burritos and then went grocery shopping. Chris and I saved tons of money by shopping with coupons and looking out for good sales and watched the price drop from $160 to $50. I dont know about you but that makes me feel good about our shopping. Then, my hubby and I took a NICE LITTLE NAP. Ha ha we both have been having a rough week so we got to just relax for a few hours- which I was kind of hesitant to because I wanted to go swimming and do lots of things since I finally got my energy back. But my hubby insisted that we just relax because he was very tired. Ha ha he cracks me up sometimes because he's little my little boy. LOL and I mean that in the nicest way I really do. After we woke up we watched a movie and then started getting ready so that we could go to our friends receptions. One was Gator & Heather and the other was Elba & Josh. We only stopped by Gators for a little since theirs was almost over, and we stayed like three hours at Josh's. And it was sooooo much fun. They had great music, food, and people. You can't go wrong when you have all three. Another great thing happened on this night. My hubby danced with me to a couple songs !!! It was so nice to finally dance with him again besides our wedding night. Finally, after the wedding we got to go home and sleep.

Sunday- I brought my husband breakfast in bed. I know arent I so romantic. Hahaha then I had to start getting ready for church and go do our calling. It was a nice church day because we only had four children in nursery. It was quiet and time went a little bit slower than usual. Chris tried teaching the lesson but the little ones kept getting distracted and running around so we just showed them pictures and talked about the temple. It was cute. I love our little kids and I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful calling to be able to teach these young spirits. We did some singing as well since our singing lady hardly ever comes :( and I realized I really need to learn the primary songs so I can sing it to them. Then, we left church and we pretty much got to relax and chill for the rest of the day.

Monday- The husband worked :( so I had to keep myself busy while I was away from him. I went to Zumba tone in the morning and then went to Ross to look around. I couldn't find anything cute and that made me kind of sad because I just wanted one cute shirt or dress. Then, I went to a friends house because she invited me to a bbq pool party. I had a lot of fun with my friends and I got to go in the water for a little. I also got to hold my friends baby and splash and play with her. It was a good time. After that I headed home to see my love. We then decided to go over to my parents because they invited us to a carne asada pool party! Yes I love to go swimming specially on hot summer days. We had a good time and ate some delicious food. We got to catch up with my parents and relax. We left a little early so that Chris could go to bed on time since he has to get up really early on Monday and Tuesday. And you can ask Chris I am so bad at going to bed on time. HA HA sorrryy! I just love to stay up late and going swimming yesterday actually ended up going in Chris favor because I crashed out on the couch around nine and then we went to bed since we were both exhausted.

Yup we had a good weekend. We had a lot of fun activities and got to see a lot of each other. Life is good right now!
I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend because we sure did.

Friday, May 27, 2011


My baby sister graduated from high school this year
and I couldnt be any prouder. She's so beautiful
and smart. I love her very much and want her to know
that if she wants to she can become anything she wants.
Congrats Class of 2011!!!

It was too bad I had to end up getting a fever by the
end of the night, woooppsss. Good thing it took me a day
to recover :)
Good night friends.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pamela's Party Celebration

Meet my friend Pamela, she is truly beautiful.
She has been there for me so much and I appreciate
her so much. I wanted to make sure we all showed her
our support and love, so we all went over to her house
this past Tuesday and we had a blast!!!!
Now you can finally see pictures of the cake I was making.
I maded a devil's food cake- just like she had asked me.
I have to share with you, in our culture every time someone
has a birthday we usually push them in their own cake. Ja Ja
but we just have to tell them to bite it a little bit and thats
exactly what she did until my MAN reached over everyone and
totally dunked her in the cake :)
I have to admit it was a really good time with my friends & my
love. Also, by the end of the night the cake was all gone!!
So I take it that's a good sign.
We also cheered the little ones hitting the Pinata.
It was a really good evening, thank you Pam for inviting us.

I cant wait for our birthday month in August- I better plan
soemthing big? Dont you think?