Monday, May 16, 2011

Road trip with my girls

This trip was so perfect!!
It was my friends Ashley, Courtney and me.
All girls trip and we got to visit Sedona, Flagstaff
and the Grand Canyon all in one day .
It was so much fun and although I missed my husband
it was a fun little group of my favorite girlies.
I pretty much slept half of the car ride and I was
so glad to just relax and be away from the city.
One of my favorite things is to just get away
and not worry about anything. It was so worth it.
I recommend to anyone that just feels bored or want
to do something adventurous get a little group
together and plan a nice little trip like we did.
One of my favorite parts was eating at Olive Garden
in Flagstaff for dinner.
I am so thankful for my friends and family.
They are so much fun!

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