Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Crazy Tuesday

I'm not going to lie this week has been good to
me surprisingly.
I've been extremly busy and productive as usual.
Today I was baking, cleaning and then I had
some friends over to visit.
First off I made a cake for my dear friend Pamela
:) it looks sooo beautiful I am so proud of myself.
Chocolate everything just like she wanted.
I must say I am getting better at this wifey business.
I was baking, washing dishes, putting dishes away,
dong laundry, up and down up and down. I guess
thats the role us woman have to do right?
Well usually I ask my husband help me do
some things because it makes it go twice as fast.

My friend also asked me to burn her a CD so I
was looking for some good party music and I tried
so find a couple tunes that sounded good to me.
I want her to know that I will do whatever it takes
to make her feel special.
She did so much to help me out when I was getting
-She did my make-up multiple times, for my bachlorette
party, pictures, and my wedding day.
- She also sponsored my bachlorette party!
And because of her I had some of the best memories
of my bachlorette party.
Thank you sweet Pam!

And that is why we are going to celebrate her birthday
tonight ! We are going to feast with Mexican food &
eat cake, then I think we will finsh the night by
eating some cake & dancing.
I am so excited to hang out with some good friends.
I will make sure and take many pictures.

So after doing all those chores I was just putting
clothes away when my friend asked to see if I was
home and I told her to come on over and they did.
We were looking at albums, and remembering the
good old high school days.
It was so nice to reminice and get to catch up with them.

Then I realized I better hurry up and left to work!
I am so excited to have me some fun!
I love being able to just go out and have a wonderful
partner like Chris, that is willing to go out and
socialize with me.
It is so nice to know that he would do anything
with me, even though I know that sometimes he
would just rather relax and be home.
HAHA- maybe on Sunday.


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