Monday, May 23, 2011

Updates about the weekend!

I had one of the greatest weekends ever!
I am loving having Saturdays off and getting
to enjoy them next to my husband.

On Saturday, we made some delicious homemade
burgers before the baseball game. It was such a
good idea to eat before the game because then we
didn't have to spend lots and lots of money on food
at the baseball game.
I was so happy to go see the Diamondbacks on a hot date
with my Hubby! It was just us two and we had really good
seats. I was so proud of myself because I had bought them
a while back and bought them as a 6 month anniversary
gift. (HA HA ) I know what you're thinking.
Perla that is so cheesy, but hey it's our first 6 months.
It is very special to me. It's halfway to a year. Thats a big
deal in todays society. Marraiges barely last a month sometimes.
And who doesn't love a reason to celebrate.. Umm I love any
reason to party or celebrate. I am sort of a dork in that sense.
I'm not going to lie the game started out super slow. I was almost
debating wether I'd ever go back to a DBacks game ever again because
it wasn't good at all. We were loosing throughout the entire game. All
the way to the 8th inning- talk about sad. Finally, just when we were
about to give hope the Dbacks starting hitting some balls and players
were on base and things were looking great! All the fans were being
loud, everyone was screaming and cherring. Next thing we know
one of the players hit a wonderful GRAND SLAM.. WOOO HOOO!!
I couldn't believe how awesome they played that inning. They scored a
total of 6 runs in one inning alone. WOW. Then, the Dbacks took the
lead 9-6. They wrapped it up and won it with that being the final score.
Talk about an awesome game. I hadn't seen them play like that in such
a long time. Thank you DBACKS for entertaining us and making our
weekend awesome.

Sunday we just relaxed and did the same old same old. For dinner we
went over to Mama and Papa Rudds house and we had some delicious
sweet pork burritos. I loved the food, but the company was even better.
After dinner we played some wii fit with the kids. If you want my honest
opinion I think that the adults had more fun.
I honestly can't tell you how much I enjoy my weekends. This one specially
was stress free and relaxing.

This next weekend we have two receptions !!!
I am so happy for my friends that will be getting married and
sealed in the Mesa, Az Temple.
It is such a blessing to be able to get married there.
In my opinon all the Temple ceremonies make you feel
like Royal princesses getting married to your prince.

That is seriously how I felt. I felt so special, and they are all
so sweet inside that building. I encourage everyone to attend
the Temple. It enlightens me and brings me so much joy.
It can be a challenge making a day and actualy going but
if you make time to go you will be blessed.
Have a sweet Monday, have fun with your FHE.

Con Mucho amor,

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