Monday, May 2, 2011

This coming month

Is going to be busy busy!
I love being busy so I dont mind it.
Here are some of my plans.

* Go to gym 5 days a week
* Run run run at least three times a week
* Start swimming again - which means I need to
either buy new swim suit or find my old one,
* Do P90X with my baby <3
* Have FHE every Monday, we usually do it on Sunday
night because we had more time for it then.
* Do some service photo shoots for at least two friends.
* GO camping at least once
* Go bike riding at least twice a week
* Read more ensign & Scriptures
* Go to Temple once a week
* Have my house clean every day and stay on top of laundry
* Go tubing down the river at least once a month!
* Make it to the gym 3 times or more a week .
(I have been doing pretty good at this for 3 months now)
* Finish my wedding scrapbook and make an album of all the
fun times we've had since we got married.
* Be a better wife, daughter, sister, and friend every day.
* Always smile no matter what the circumstances are.


Wish me luck!

And Im going camping this weekend so I am very excited about that !
We're going like up north on Saturday and Sunday.
I cant wait I've been wanting to go with my husband since I got
married in November.
Its going to be so much fun.
We're planning on going hiking, running and shooting as well.
One of my favorite things about Chris is that he is such a MAN.
I couldn't imagine my life without him.
& Im excited for Saturday, let the fun times begin!
Did I mention that I love the summer time?



  1. I love hearing about your happy and busy life. You forgot one summer goal is to hang out with us when we get down from Oregon in June!

  2. Thank you girl! I love hearing about your life as well. You guys make Oregon look so beautiful. Don't forget to keep posting pictures of your gorgeous baby. And I didnt know you were coming in JUNE!! YAY :D