Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Baby Mac, Princessa, & Buddy

Dont you just love those names? Those are the names of my pets. I have three dogs, and I know what you're thinking- THATS TOO MANY! And I sort of agree but in a way I just love dogs. They are truly a man's best friend. They don't care if youre ugly rich or poor, and no matter what they want your attention. I love that about dogs. So with that I will explain how we got each one with a picture of them. Meet my babies they are precious to me. Just so you know all of my pets were given to us for free!! And who doesnt love that word?

-Baby Mac-
He is so cute!! Has blue eyes and we believe he's about 2 to 3 months. We found him in my parents backyard and we just had to keep him because he is so cute. He eats more than any of the dogs I've ever had. We believe him to be a german shepherd/ Huskey mix- KIM ask Lance to see if this is true. I did so much research online and thats the conclusion we came up with. I am excited to see what he will look like full grown. (He's already three times bigger than when we first got him a month ago)

She's so funny! I love her, she is super hyper all the time but an all round great dog. She is completely obssesed with me and can't live without me. I absolutely mean it when I say this. My aunt gave her to me because she was looking for a good home for her. I've had her since she was like 6 weeks old!!! That was about 3 years ago so I think shes either going to be three or four this year. Princessa is truly faithful to me, she aways follows me around like shes a little puppy dog. She is a poodle-chihuahua mix. Out of all my dogs she is my favorite because I've had her the longest. I know I shouldnt have favorites but thats just the truth. I also love her because she likes to run with me, hike, and trusts me to cut her hair. She is so chill around the camara too.

He is the prettiest of all our dogs. He is a yellow lab and lives up to his name. He's such a big tender loving dog. He was given to Chris by this guy that couldn't keep any more. We've had him since September, and he's had to warm up to us because he is such a scaredy cat. He is terrified of men and would whine all the time in the beginning. He has gotten a lot better and we have grown to love him very much. Buddy is a horrible running buddy and we need to keep taking him so he gets used to it. We took him hiking two weeks ago and he loved it but Chris had to hold the leash the entire tme. When I tried he was pretty much pulling me and causing me to trip over every rock. That is what its like to take him running. He's so heavy and big that it's hard to make him slow down or go in a straight line. Regardless he's our Buddy and we love him no matter if he's a little special :)

They are worth having even though at times they are a little loud and annoying they keep me company when Im all alone and when I want to take one of them on an adventure. They are all great with kids and thats a major plus! :)
Arent they so cute.. I will post more pictures of what Mac looks like now in a couple days.

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  1. Ha ha! I cracked up when I saw your shout out to me in this post. So funny! I'll get Lance to take a look at the pics when he gets home. We are thinking of getting a dog in a few months, First we gotta fence in our backyard. Such a cute post! Love you!