Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just the two of us in the woods

As you can see it was so beautiful and lovely.
We have the nice big truck to carry all of our gear
and a nice spacious tent where we could sleep in comfortably.
Camping up north was a blast! I loved the nice weather
and being up in the mountains with just my baby & I.
He's such a manly man i love it.
Enjoy the pictures we captured this weekend.
I love the fun activities there is to do while its nice
and warm. I specially love to go swimming and enjoying
the lakes & rivers!!
We got to up a little past Payson to a little town called
Star Valley I believe. We had a GREAT time and we got to
do some four wheeling, playing games, lots of cooking,
running, going down to the creek, take pictures, feeding the
fish at the hatchery and just enjoy the nice quiet woods.
We had a nice relaxing time and not to mention the weather
was perfect.
I love camping and getting away even if its just for a weekend.
Im so thankful for the husband that I have. He knows so much
and we work so well together.
I am excited to go back up for a camp out in June with my
Rudd family :)
Life is amazing when you start appreciating and acknowleding
all the small things in life.


  1. SO FUN!! It's been awhile since just Jeff and I went camping, but I remember that it was the BEST!!

  2. Looks like a good time. Lance and I have never been camping alone together, Lance isn't much of a camper. You will have to come up to Oregon because the forests here put Arizona to shame. Seriously, it is so beautiful everywhere here.