Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pamela's Party Celebration

Meet my friend Pamela, she is truly beautiful.
She has been there for me so much and I appreciate
her so much. I wanted to make sure we all showed her
our support and love, so we all went over to her house
this past Tuesday and we had a blast!!!!
Now you can finally see pictures of the cake I was making.
I maded a devil's food cake- just like she had asked me.
I have to share with you, in our culture every time someone
has a birthday we usually push them in their own cake. Ja Ja
but we just have to tell them to bite it a little bit and thats
exactly what she did until my MAN reached over everyone and
totally dunked her in the cake :)
I have to admit it was a really good time with my friends & my
love. Also, by the end of the night the cake was all gone!!
So I take it that's a good sign.
We also cheered the little ones hitting the Pinata.
It was a really good evening, thank you Pam for inviting us.

I cant wait for our birthday month in August- I better plan
soemthing big? Dont you think?


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