Monday, May 2, 2011


I had a blast this weekend.
I am super exhausted but happy with

how everything turned out.

I got to spend the entire weekend next to

my baby and there's no other way I like to

spend my free time more than with my husband.

He's amazing and so hard working.

On saturday we threw a huge yard sale with

my parents and got rid of so much crap.

I am very happy we got a couple extra

hundred bucks now because of it.

Now, my goal is to work on unpacking the rest

of my things so that I can put it away or toss
whatever I dont want.

As you can see with the pictures I am posting

we had quite the turn out. SO many people came

and we were busy like the entire day.

Let's just say that I ended crashing on the couch

at 9 pm because I was so tired.
( I usually dont fall asleep until like 11 pm at the earliest)

On Sunday we went to my Sister in law and had dinner

for Mama Sharons Bday :)

We had a good time and I got to play with my nephews

and niece.

Did I tell you how much I love weekends?
They're awesome!

I hope yours was good too.



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