Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Meet my nephews and niece

My oldest nephew- Cooper is 6 years old
He is very smart and shy.
He is competitive and loves sports.
He has said nice things to his mom about me
(I heard this through the grapevine)
I think he's going to be a great young man!

Easton (Cooper's brother) is almost 3 years old
He is hilarious!
Comes with a witty and funny sense of humor.
We've babysat him a few times and he is
truly a good kid.
Very active & loves to play and is starting to
talk A LOT!
(He is so cute though because last time when we had
dinner with the family he told Chris and I that he
loves us) Aweee totally melted my heart.

Zolie- 2 years old
She is my only niece.
She is very adorable.
Ever since I met her we got off to a great
start because she lets me hold her and knows
how to say my name.
I love her curly hair and her perfect skin tone.
She's very active, loves to run around,
and is very amused by animals- like my puppies.

Jake - I believe he's 1 years old. (Eastons brother)
He is a cute little growing baby.
I've noticed that he's not afraid of anything.
All the times we've babysat him he's been so
good to us and for this reason, we know he
loves his aunt Perla and uncle Chris .
He runs around and loves to play with the other

They are all so sweet and precious.
I have grown to love them all very much.
I am so excited to have children that'll someday
be their cousins because these kids are all raised
by wonderful mom and dads.
I am so grateful for their examples to me.
They truly make me feel like I'm their aunt.
I love them!

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