Saturday, January 22, 2011

Windcave Hike

Woops I always mess up uploading pictures. Well here you go
some pictures from the hike Brittany and I went
on while she was in town we had
so much fun :)
Maybe next time we'll be hiking in Alaska sometime
I would love that more than you know
I've known her since the 6th grade

Believe it or not , I got hurt while taking this ^ picture.
Lol i kept hiting my body in the hole, and hurting
myself it was not pleasent at all..

What a beautiful view of Phoenix.

I wish my friend wasn't so far away so I could go visit her or she could come down more often but it is very expensive to fly to Alaska or to fly back home.

We had so much fun hiking on this day and let me tell you it was beautiful. Over cast, not too hot and not too cold. Days like this make me love Arizona.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Wedding Recap

Now this is something that I've been wanting to write down somewhere
but I just didn't know how or where.
I have to confess some things .
I had the most memorable wedding a girl could ever dream of.
There are a few things I wish I would've taken more time and had more
money to take care of.

1. I wish I wouldnt have ordered a cake from NANCY CAKES.
She Made my day so stressfull. I am not even kidding, she wanted to
arrive like 6 hours early to drop off the cake because she had some
other receptions to deliver. IDC!! So if you know anyone out there who
is even considering a cake made DO NOT GO TO THIS Woman. She
was all talk.
She also just dropped off the cake and didnt finish it the way I wanted it to,
not to mention it was $500.00 ... Too much money for an unsatisfied client.
Chris and I even thought to ourselves we couldve made an attempt to make
it ourselves and it mightve been just as good..
Or I should've called my trusty Mexican friends to hook it up.. Gurrr but it
was delicious although it burned a whole in my pockets.
Btw Chris had to put the roses on it because she failed to do it. I am so proud of him :)

2. Something I wish I would've done is had my dress designed to me. If only
we would've had more time because planning a wedding in four months is not
easy at all. I know I'm a big baby for saying that but truth be told I had to set up
most of the appointments and go out and find things I like when I had no idea what
I wanted. All I wanted was to be married to my sweet love. Don't get me wrong
though it's not like I didn't like my dress it was just that I wish it would've been
more personal and meant more for my body type. Plus when I had my quinceanera
I had mine made by my good friend from church and it was fabulous.
One more thing I would've like to get a dress made by someone is that the dress I bought
was super pricey for me, but I had to have it!
I spent like a little under $1000 on it. Here's a picture so you can see it .

3. Had my Canon working so I could've gotten some images I would've liked, or made someone I know have it all night so that they could've captured images in their perspective. I would like to add that my photographer did an awesome job but unfortunately some of my images were lost. It doesn't really make me sad unless I think about it because our wedding day meant so much to me. I wanted every little thing to be captured. So that's all I would've liked. The most important pictures were saved and thats the best part. Plus I cant take pictures with me when I die as long as I am sealed to my husband the rest is history. Anyways I wish I wouldve had a second photographer. But I do love Sarahs work she did amazing :)

4. I wish I could've gotten a cool place outdoorsy so that it would've been a different
scenery than just the typical mormon reception. Although it still looked so beautiful
That just would've been my dream WEDDING. All in all the reception looked great I
just would've like to have it outdoors specially in this beautiful time of year.

Those are just very few nitpicky things that I would've like to change but don't get me
wrong I am very content with how it all turned out and I did feel like a *PRINCESS WITH
HER PRINCE CHARMING* I am so in love with him and im glad I got married to him in the
Mesa, AZ temple. Its so amazing waking up next to my best friend and of course my husband.

He is so loveable, tender, sweet, and always puts up with my crazyness.
I <3 him forever and ever!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter Break fun!

I now that this fun time is officially over :(
But that doesn't mean I cant look back and write
about how much fun Chris and I had with our family
and friends. We were always so busy and although I
wasn't working full time or anything I still kept
myself busy busy. Here's what went down with us after
we moved in.

* We got to settle in and decorate our New house!
* Buy furniture from Ikea and set it up how we wanted to
* Have friends over to see our house
* Invite our family over to come and watch movies, eat dinner,
or breakfast, or just to come over
* Open a whole bunch of gifts that we had forgotten we received
because we had to put them all in boxes.
* COOOK COOK & do some Baking here and there
* Get back into a good routine of running in our new neighborhood.
* Start attending our new ward
* Celebrate Christmas & open presents at home and with both parents.
* Go view temple lights like three times
* Work, work and then have a little bit of free time watching movies.
* We got to take pictures of some events and Chris would go with me :)
Go to our familys for dinner every now and then when we were invited.

* Move our dogs into our new house.. Try to get them to like each other.. jaja
* Have friends over and socialize with our amazing friends.
* Hang out and socialize with BRITTANY & her beautiful family

As you can see we remained busy although I didn't have much work. I always find something
and somehow the Lord always knows when I need something he provides a way for Chris and I
to achieve whats most important. I truly have felt so blessed during these last couple months.
Specially since I got married, during that time when I needed it the most PEOPLE that mean so
much to me were able to help me out with their time and support. I dont know what I would do without
everyone in my life. I appreciate their support and love.
Anyways, a person that means SO much to me was able to come for winter break and I made sure
I made myself so available to her so that I could enjoy her while she was here because I missed her
so much. She has been my best friend since the 6th grade. We have so much fun together.
And I was thinking I might go up to visit her hopefully before I get pregnant and start having babies.

So here are some pictures we took while she was here. I love her she's so much fun..

Playing with fireworks was a lot of fun for me :)
jajajjaja cant you tell?

Mi amor y yo


The Farmers know how to party

This is my she friend, her name is Courtney

Us three dont we look so good?

I loved driving around in this new Camaro !

I want one so bad

My Christmas wish came true :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our first Christmas

I have to post some pictures from the little decorating
we got to do with our house for Christmas :)
I have to say we didn't do so bad for our first time.
We got a Christmas tree up (blue and silver decorations),
put up stockings, we made fudge & cookies, and of course
we had to kiss under an imaginary miseltoe.
The other tree that I am posting is the one we helped to
decorate at my parents, This is what it looked like after
Chris and I filled it with the presents we gave them,
We had so much fun.

it's crazy how fast time flies.
I have already been married for almost three months.
I am so blessed for everything the Lord has blessed me with.

There's no one I'd rather be stuck with for all eternity than with Chris!

In front of our first tree .

Poor baby didn't feel good at all

A surprise gift I gave Chris one day after he got

home from work. I think he liked it .

I have a confession I love wrapping presents

with all my heart. <3>

We had a great Christmas and even though

we couldnt afford to get each other what we really wanted to

We were blessed to give what we could afford.

I loved everything I got from my family & Chris.


Hope everyone had a good time during all the holidays. Sorry this post is way past due but

I just don't haven't had a lot of time.

Love ya!