Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First kiss recap

Was absolutely perfect! I have never received a kiss
where I was sooo nervous and became so calm
in that same moment when it happened. I remember
it like as if it were yesterday. He invited me
over to watch a movie with him because I have never seen
Princess Bride, Chris was smoothly scooting over the
couch to try and get closer to me. He was so cute :)
I was just as nervous though so I understand how he was
feeling. So as we were watching this movie, Chris
slowly makes his move to touch my knee and then he
grabbed my hand!! I was soooo excited and happy he
finally got the courage to do it. Then, when the movie
was over I can remember how he asked me if he could kiss
me.. Jajaja and of course I had to say,
" Don't ask me, just DO IT"
as you can see I was sooo nervous and him asking me
only made me more nervous. Then once I got to kiss his
sweet soft tender lips, I knew it felt sooo right.
I am soo proud of him for going for the first kiss although
I know it was hard for him.

After my Payson Triathalon that I finished last June, my
girlfriends dared me to "make out with him" Lol sooo they got
just that! I never back down a dare ladies!
I love him so much.

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