Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our first Christmas

I have to post some pictures from the little decorating
we got to do with our house for Christmas :)
I have to say we didn't do so bad for our first time.
We got a Christmas tree up (blue and silver decorations),
put up stockings, we made fudge & cookies, and of course
we had to kiss under an imaginary miseltoe.
The other tree that I am posting is the one we helped to
decorate at my parents, This is what it looked like after
Chris and I filled it with the presents we gave them,
We had so much fun.

it's crazy how fast time flies.
I have already been married for almost three months.
I am so blessed for everything the Lord has blessed me with.

There's no one I'd rather be stuck with for all eternity than with Chris!

In front of our first tree .

Poor baby didn't feel good at all

A surprise gift I gave Chris one day after he got

home from work. I think he liked it .

I have a confession I love wrapping presents

with all my heart. <3>

We had a great Christmas and even though

we couldnt afford to get each other what we really wanted to

We were blessed to give what we could afford.

I loved everything I got from my family & Chris.


Hope everyone had a good time during all the holidays. Sorry this post is way past due but

I just don't haven't had a lot of time.

Love ya!

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