Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Honeymoon in Sedona

Was amazing!!! We had such a good time just spending alone time
with the two of us. I loved being far away from the city without
any family or friends. Although I love them with all my heart it
was nice to have every second of every day for a whole week alone.
If anyone gets married and has the opportunity to have a week long
honeymoon-- DO IT. I recommend it.
Here's the playback:
The night of the day we got married we went to the Hyatt which was
sooo PRETTY, the room was big and had a big comfy couch, with a huge
screen and a big bed! I felt like royalty being in there. Too bad it
only was for one night that we could afford staying there.
The next day we prepared to go to Sedona & also went to my aunts for
this lunch the whole family was invited to. It was fun, delicious, and
I was glad I got to say goodbye to my family that came from Mexico to
attend the wedding reception. Then, shortly after that we we left on our
way to Sedona. Let me tell you it was a fun drive and I was loving the
fact that I didn't have to be supervised. We had a great time driving up
and I felt even better once we found the place we were looking for.
I loved the weather once we got there it felt so good and we got to cuddle
in a nice Hotel that I would definitely go back someday.
So then what I remember the most of Chris and I doing was:
*we would watch movies
*go in the Jacuzzi
*explore Sedona g
* Hiking (like three times)
*go navigate
*off roading
*go touring
*hit the downtown area called Talachapacki
*go out to eat
* Get take out and eat it in the hotel <3
*Take about 1 million pictures
*Go shopping in the downtown area
*Drive up to flagstaff
*go to the Grand Canyon
*Go to this awesome new zoo named BEARIZONA--which was sweet.
*Spend lots of one on one time and have a wonderful time.
I loved every minute of it and I don't think it could've turned
out any better. I honestly love him. Every day is so wonderful
when I get to wake up next to my baby. He is so sweet & hard working.

Here are a few of the 500 pics i took. I will post more later.

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