Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter Break fun!

I now that this fun time is officially over :(
But that doesn't mean I cant look back and write
about how much fun Chris and I had with our family
and friends. We were always so busy and although I
wasn't working full time or anything I still kept
myself busy busy. Here's what went down with us after
we moved in.

* We got to settle in and decorate our New house!
* Buy furniture from Ikea and set it up how we wanted to
* Have friends over to see our house
* Invite our family over to come and watch movies, eat dinner,
or breakfast, or just to come over
* Open a whole bunch of gifts that we had forgotten we received
because we had to put them all in boxes.
* COOOK COOK & do some Baking here and there
* Get back into a good routine of running in our new neighborhood.
* Start attending our new ward
* Celebrate Christmas & open presents at home and with both parents.
* Go view temple lights like three times
* Work, work and then have a little bit of free time watching movies.
* We got to take pictures of some events and Chris would go with me :)
Go to our familys for dinner every now and then when we were invited.

* Move our dogs into our new house.. Try to get them to like each other.. jaja
* Have friends over and socialize with our amazing friends.
* Hang out and socialize with BRITTANY & her beautiful family

As you can see we remained busy although I didn't have much work. I always find something
and somehow the Lord always knows when I need something he provides a way for Chris and I
to achieve whats most important. I truly have felt so blessed during these last couple months.
Specially since I got married, during that time when I needed it the most PEOPLE that mean so
much to me were able to help me out with their time and support. I dont know what I would do without
everyone in my life. I appreciate their support and love.
Anyways, a person that means SO much to me was able to come for winter break and I made sure
I made myself so available to her so that I could enjoy her while she was here because I missed her
so much. She has been my best friend since the 6th grade. We have so much fun together.
And I was thinking I might go up to visit her hopefully before I get pregnant and start having babies.

So here are some pictures we took while she was here. I love her she's so much fun..

Playing with fireworks was a lot of fun for me :)
jajajjaja cant you tell?

Mi amor y yo


The Farmers know how to party

This is my she friend, her name is Courtney

Us three dont we look so good?

I loved driving around in this new Camaro !

I want one so bad

My Christmas wish came true :)


  1. I didn't know you have a blog! Yay! How have you been?

  2. Hey Emily!
    I do have a blog I decided to start one so that it would be easier for me to document my marriage and new life :))))
    Follow me, and as u can see im very new at this so I might need help and tips on how to make mine look descent. jajaja Im very new to this,