Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dating life after the proposal - 4 months..

We were dating for about 6 weeks and then
he asked me to marry him. & then we were
engaged for four months. I know this doesnt
seem long but Chris and I have known each
other since Kino Jr high! So we've been
friends for several years.
We've been together for about 8 months
now. To me it's gone by way too fast and we've
had many good times together.
Our dates are always so much fun!
He is such a stud and I love being out and
about with him.
I like to take him everywhere. I like to go
to parties, dinners, movies, swimming, camping,
running, exercising, bike riding, hanging out
with friends, going out cruising, doing family
things, going to church, helping each other with
homework whenever we could, bowling, and of course
cuddling & kissing my favorite.

Honestly, truth be told I am happy doing whatever
just as long as he's by my side. I dont care
if we go to a nice restaurant or go to In&Out.
I am just as happy. We always have such a good time.
I feel so blessed and loved when I am with my baby <3

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