Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Proposal

Kind of went a little something like this.
On the 3rd day of last July (2010), Chris
decided to take me to a surprise dinner to Red
Robin! Which made me very happy because back in
High school he took me there on our very first
date. So to me it had meaningful significance
to me. *And yes I love being romantic and having
cheesy moments like this*
So I didn't see it coming at all because my man
did a very good job of making it a surprise.
Then, after finishing dinner much faster than we
expected Chris took us to my house where he had planned
out the rest of the surprise.
We got home and everyone was acting super SHADY, I
didn't get it though because it didn't click to me
that he was planning to ask me to marry him.
This sneaky snake asked me if I wanted to go swimming
and I told him no because I was extremely FULL, poor guy
I made him work so hard to get me to finally want to go
outside to go swim. Let me give you a side note though.
Chris was usually the one who didn't wanted to swim, I remember
I was always begging him to go with me the whole time we've
been dating but he did on very special occasions.
Back to the story-- when he took me outside because we were
both finally ready to go swim, I looked out towards the pool
and I saw red stuff all over the pool and I thought it was dirty
so as I got closer I noticed it was ROSE PEDALS! What an amazing
surprise. Chris, his family, and mine all knew about it so they all
helped him out. He picked out the prettiest bouquet of pink fire
roses, and I loved them. He also filled the pool with the pedals
and candles.. Awwee.. & then all I remember him is him getting
on one knee and said "will you look over by the pool" and he had
written with chalk "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" and then I responded with a
He did an amazing job on planning this beautiful proposal and I
am soo happy he went in for the first kiss, kept dating me, and
gave me a chance as well as respected me and treated me like a lady.
I couldn't ask for a better companion. He truly is my better half.

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