Monday, February 28, 2011

What a weekend!

I am so happy that I was finally able to
participate in Ragnar this past weekened
along with my husband & friends.
It was amazing, but tough.
I cant describe how hard it was other than to try
and paint a picture on your mind.
Imagine running 4.5 miles then 5 miles, and then
to finish up I had to do 3.5 miles straight uphill!
(This all happened within 24 hours by the way.)
This included:
*Sleep deprivation
*Stomach feeling yucky
*Nauseous from being in
a van with 5 other stinky
*Being extremely soar from
not letting my body rest.

I am feeling good today though.
It was very rough but well worth it!
We got a cool shirt, medal, sticker,
and the best of all I got the wonderful
memories from our wonderful team.
The Honeymooners rocked it !
Started in Wickenburg and finished by Tempe
Town Lake.
200 miles 2 vans and 12 members

I loved the feeling I got once I finished.
I am grateful for what my body allows me
to accomplish. :)

Whats next?? Maybe Pats Run.. on April 16
4.2 miles is way better than the 10k I did
in Las Sendas.
I will post my pictures later from our team
but here are some that I found online.
It was truly amazing to be a part of this

Below I have posted some pics of what reminded
me of everything that went down.
1. The ragnar symbol is pretty significant :)
2. The map of what went down this year. From start
to finish. It doesnt seem like that in a vehicle but
when you're running that your feet and body want to
just rest.
3. The portopotties were gross but they were our only
way of being able to do what you had to do, eek!
4. We handed of a bracelet off to the next person who
had to start running.
5. The finish looked a little something like this, it
was awesome :P My favorite part of the whole race. jaja

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