Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Date night :)

I am so excited to go on a date with my hot sexy
husband! We are going to have dinner at home and
then go out to the movies !! Yay.
We are having some delicious chicken alfredo tonight.
I am so excited because we've both have been too
busy & tired to make it to go out and watch a movie.
I decided since we're both feeling better and I think we
need a distraction from the same old same old dinner
and a movie at home.
Ps.. We really need a distraction right now because
I know my baby is sad that his truck needs to be fixed..
And its going to cost about 4,000 grand.
(eeek it'll have to wait for the time being)

I love him with all my heart and all I want to do is
spend all my time with him. I love him more and more
every day.
My goal is to make it to the temple tomorrow morning
and go out to breakfast with a gift card that was given
to us at our wedding rececption..
I will report back and tell you about our evening and

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