Friday, March 18, 2011

Exciting news

We bought a brand new desktop finally.
So I'll be able to work some more on my
blog & photography stuff! I am so happy.
We got a sweet deal and had to buy it!
I am so blessed to have everything I have
right now. I dont know what I'd do without
my better half.
Its a 23" monitor and 750 gb of memory to go
with it. And i love it!
I will be able to work with so many photographs
without having to worry about filling up the memory.
O this weekend is going to be fun.!

Guess what else im doing this weekend?
*I have a Quinceanera tonight
*Wedding portrait sundays!

I am looking forward to this weekend and
I hope it all works out.
Soon I will post the stuff I've been editing
lately. There's a lot of good one of my
baby and I.

I have to confess I love being in love <3
so glad Chris and I got married the right
way and are sealed together forever in the temple.
My goal is to attend one time with Chris this
Ive already been last weekend but I want to
go with my love .
Anyways have a good weekend.
Enjoy your time off !

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