Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Please let there be wind

This past weekend Chris and I and two other
friends went to this park down the street to
fly this huge kite my friend Ana has. :)
We had a really good time and ended up getting
a lot of sweet pictures of my husband and I.
Also, I'd like to point out that some of the pictures
were taken right in front of our house so you can get
a peek of what the front our house looks like.
I will post detailed pics when we get our front and
back yeard looking the way I want it to.
Thats my goal this summer! We have so much to do
but this is one of my most important goals.
I just have to remember that one step at a time all
can be accomplished.
I am loving our new house, neighborhood, and slowly
getting used to our new ward.
you want to know what my favorite thing about right
now is?
My family. My husband. My health & knowledge .
The fact that tax season ends in less than a month.
I am very grateful. I am excited to go out of town
with my husband.



  1. Perla, you and Chris are adorable! You look so happy, I love it! And I love flying kites! Isn't is so fun?! One of the simplest, funnest things to do.

  2. Thank you Janelle so are you and Jason!
    Arent the most simple things in life sometimes the greatest?
    I dont remember the last time I flew a kite but it was fun to just do that before it gets even hotter!