Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Date Report

Was just what I needed.

I love my husband SO MUCH

he made my night yesterday.

We made Chicken Alfredo with

grilled asparagus.


too bad it almost got ruined by

family drama. I didn't want it to

ruin my date night. No way!..

So I decided asI was wipping away my

tears we needed to go out and watch

a movie. I've let way to many little things

ruin our perfect evenings due to the fault

of others.

Chris doesn't deserve that. He is so strong

and caring, I dont know what I'd do without

him. I fall in love with him over and over again

each time he holds me and listens to me.

For all that I feel blessed and thankful.

We got to watch Big Mamas House . Just Chris&I

all alone in the movie theater. I loved that I could

be as loud as I wanted to be.

It had been about a few months since we had gone

to the movies. And we got to go on the perfect night.


  1. I didn't know you married Chris!!!! That's so awesome for you!! ;) And I am more than willing to help you out with your blog look! ;) Although I don't design them using my own designs (I'm not that good) I just put things together I find and make them work somehow. You just let me know ;) My email is on my blog!!

  2. What how did you miss me getting married? I got married a little before you. We tied the knot back in November and I believe you got married in December.
    I am soo happy with Chris :)
    Do you know him? Seriously ill trade you photography for help with my blog. I need it so bad. Mainly I just want to do it for myself. I just dont really understand or know how.
    I see your is always different and cute !
    Anyways did you already get your pics taken with your hubby?

  3. No we havenn't gotten any offers. Hahahahaha well let me re-phrase that: we got a "discounted" offer to pose as an engaged couple to help with a portfolio but we would still have to pay.

    Yeah I totally know Chris! His cousin Chelsey was my best friend through elementary and junior high school ;) We've hung out a few times with Chelsey and others. That's so cool!

    What kind of a look are you going for? Cuz I have some ideas for both your personal and photography blog but I'm not sure how you wanna play this ;) Juts let me know and I can send you the ideas and such. It's super easy installation I promise. I neve do anything hard. (well excpet the cute fonts...that one's a little diffiult at first but I can do it really easy now)

  4. Okay I would love that.
    So do you want to do a photography session sometime.
    Ill do it for free so you can help me out.
    :) I think it would be fun and I can bring Chris with me.
    Chelsea is such a cute girl, she's so much fun.
    Lets do new backgrounds on both. Thatd be sweet.
    To tell you the truth I kind of get discourage with blogging because I am so new to it and I feel like I am new and have never tried to figure it out.
    Anyways we should get together.
    SO hows the married life treating you?