Friday, March 25, 2011

My lifesaver

I sometimes have the weirdest dreams and they feel so surreal.
I think it's funny sometimes that I get scared to go to bed
just because I don't want to know about what I'll be dreaming about.
I hope I'm not the only weird person that does this.
And don't get wrong I don't have any problems sleeping it's just
trying to fall asleep that I don't like.
To tell you the truth I don't think I've ever confessed this to anyone.
It's not that big of a deal just sometimes it'll scare me.

Last night Chris and I were going to sleep late because he gets off
work at around 11ish and we were both very tired so we just started
to drift off and I started hyperventilating because I was starting
to have a nightmare! The good thing is now that I'm married I always
have my husband to hold me and help me through anything.
Chris just held me tight and said everything is okay. I'm right here
baby. Moments like this are priceless to me. I know Chis and I were
meant to be togeher forever and we can get through anything.

Aren't I such a hopeless romantic?
Yep. I know.



  1. That is so sweet, Perla. Being married is the best. I don't like sleeping alone at all anymore. When I was in AZ without Lance, I had Griffin sleep with me. Love you!

  2. Isnt it funny how drastic our lives change
    when we get married? It's a big change for me
    but I absolutey love every minute of it.
    Chris is the best husband ever, no doubt in my
    mind he is perfect for me.
    I miss you Kim! Maybe in the future I can fly
    up to go visit your beautiful family :)
    Griffin is such a cute baby.
    Keep showing us your journeys through your posts I love reading what you write.
    Love ya