Saturday, March 26, 2011

Been thinkin

All day this song has been stuck in my
head. And I have to share what I've been
singing all day. I don't even know why
I keep singing it but it brings a smile to
my face.

" I believe in Christ "

I know He is there, I know He listens.
Consider this my testimony to you
that I know I belong to the true church
of Jesus Christ and I am so grateful for
everything that I have.
I have been feeling so much better this
week. I have to admit that it has to do
with me attending the Temple twice this
month and trying to be a better person.
The Temple trips have been perfect.
I love it in there.
I went once with my beautiful Mom and
the second time with my amazing husband.
I am excited to go to church tomorrow.
I also would like to testify about prayer
and what a wonderful tool it is for family,
happiness, and everything that you want
to accomplish. If you pray you will receive
and answer.
Have a good saturday! I cant wait to have a
good time with my husband and relax tomorrow.
I got to admit my favorite day of the week
right now is Sunday.
What is your favorite day of the week?


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