Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dave & Busters double date

This last weekend was amazing, I have to share how much fun I had.
First off I still managed to work a total of 13hours in the Tax office
Friday & Saturday. But that was only the beginning of everything
else I did. I have to confess I love being busy! I dont think
my husband loves it as much as me but he secretly loves it.
*Friday I went hiking with my good friend ANA. We went to "A" mountain
whichis right by Tempe Town Lake. It was a beautiful day to go hiking.
I honestly had sucha good time with Ana & her sister. (We took many
pictures which I cant post till later because they're on my computer
back at home). Then, I went to work for about 7 hours and left to go
photograph a quinceanera. It started out a little slow because
there wasnt many people and I didnt know anyone so I felt so
alone. The night went by fast as soon as allthe traditions began.
I made sure I captured as much as I could and I am very happy
with the end result. I got to finally go home and I crashed on our
California King bed horizontally! Jaja Chris had to ask me to move
over so hecould fit on a sliver of our GINARMOUS bed! Gotta love how
tired a day like this will make you. Its the first time I've
beat Chris to bed in a while.
*Saturday I got up early so I could join my MOMMA yard saling
so we could see if we could find anything intersting and we did.
I was pretty excited I got my friends baby a whole bunch of
cute baby girl clothes almost brand new! And my mom got this
food dish thing and a brand new Lego set for a great deal!
I have
to admit we did good and spent not too much money.
Then, I drove back over to my house and managed to eat breakfast
with my baby and I even got him a treat. I got him
this piece of Tres Leches cake (which he loved). Then, I
headed off to work 5 hours! It wasand easy quiet five
hours though, and trust me I was thankfull for that. Right
after that I went straight to downtown Gilbert
where I had to photograph a wedding ceremony and their
family pictures :)
It was the most cutest, sweetest, and most heart felt ceremony
I have ever been to, besides my own of course. But I have
never felt like that at somebody elses Wedding!
& it made me tear up! I don't even know these people but I felt
the love that they hard for each other. It reminded
me about the commitment I had made with my amazing husband and
it just reminded me of all the small things I need to keep doing
every day. I loved it! Not to mention the pictures turned out
awesome. I am so thankful and glad I was able to do it because
I gained more than what I did for them. I feel so blessed and talented.
Somehow I always learn more when I help others than when I try
and learn something for me. Its quite a blessing to witness it. I was done
around six and then I got take out from WINGS EXPRESS and
it was delicious! I bought some for my family and we all ate together.
After that we went on a double date to Dave & Busters! I have never
been so it was nice to experience it for our first time. It was very fun
and adventurous. I was tired when we finished though because I had
a long hard working day.
*Sunday we got to sleep in a little bit which was good for us
because we both were beyond tired. Chris and I both have been
working almost 50 hours sometimes and I have to admit sometimes its
nice to just relax and get some couple time. We had to hurry up and get
ready after we had a sluggish start to our Sunday because we had to help a
friend of ours with his wedding, we helped him with the chairs and then
I had to do the photography so we had to get there an hour early! We
got there on time and then helped set up and shortly after that the ceremony
started and I just kept taking tons of photographs.
Right after the pictures we then headed to this Italian restaurant
called BUCA de BEEPO. I keep butchering the name but I hope I at least
spelled it closer than how I say it. I have to admit the I loved the salad
and the dessert but as for the Alfredo, Ummm Chris and I make a much
better Chicken Alfredo that is to die for.I was disappointed but
I did like it over all I just think I need to go back when I feel better
and maybe I need to try another plate :) The rest of the day we
got to watch a movie and relax! Then we finally got to sleep!
And that pretty much sums up my weekend. Crazy huh?

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