Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend details

Friday- I was working all morning to finish editing these pictures that I had to turn into the couple that I photographed on their wedding day. I did their bridals, family temple pictures, more bridals, and their entire night of the wedding reception. It was lovely and I got many priceless photos that I'll be able to save for my future website someday. I am so happy with the finished product. I am going to post some of my favorite on my other blog. ( I burned the cds and then put them in envelope. Next thing I know it is already 4 and I started getting ready for the gym. I went to TWO Zumbas, it was so much fun. I was pretty excited that my mom got to join me. My mom is seriously the COOLEST. I dont know many Moms that will go dancing with their daughter. She is so cute, we went to the house and she was showing the family her new dance moves. Ha ha She cracks me up. After eating some dinner I bought the family some Ice cream from Dairy Queen. It was fun!!! We had a good time with my mom, dad and sister. Being with all four of my family members is nice, I just wish my hubby was able to make it but he was working until 11pm. That pretty much sums up my day. It was a nice Friday and by the time my husband came home we both just watched TV for a little bit and then headed to bed.

Saturday- We woke up very early to go to help my parents with their yard sale at 5:30 am. WOW thats early considering Chris and I fell asleep around 1 or 2 AM. SO I was very sleepy. We were there helping them out and selling things and then I had to leave at nine and help out a friend with some work things and i didnt get done until 5. BUSY BUSY SATURDAY!!! Chris finished helping my mom and then he went off with he Rudd family. MY LOVE IS SOO FUNNY. When he was visiting my family and they decided to all get pedicures, with his sister & Mom. He is silly. I never thought I married someone who likes pedicures. ha ha I know have uglier toes than my husband. When I came home he told me about it and I was very shocked and a little sad because I havent gotten one in foreverrrrr so i was a bit jealous i was working while he was having a nice relaxing day. But after I expressed my jealousy Chris told me I would be happier after he gave me my birthday present. Then as we were getting ready he gives me this $30.00 gift certificate to a nail salon. WOW I felt like a jerk, after giving him a hard time for about half an hour he then hands me a gift card. WOOPS. But then I apologized and you know what Im only human. I make mistakes and I can be a bit bratty sometimes but I love Chris unconditionally even if he wants to get his pedicure. After we finished getting ready we went to my friend Ana's house to dinner. She made us some delicious lasagna and we had such a blast with our friends. We all got to catch up and socialize for a couple hours. We also played a fun game called something like URABN MYTH. It was so funny!!!!! We spent like three hours laughing our heads off. Then, by the time it was 10:15 we were getting so sleepy and decided it was best to go home. And that was all folks.

Sunday- was perfect. I love the Sabath day. It reminds me of what our purpose in life is and what truly makes us happy- church and family. That's all you need to be happy. We slept in a little bit and then got ready for church. We got to teach nursery with a very fun sub. Her name is Sister Griner, we loved her very much. She truly inspired me to be better. She prepared a very cute lesson to our kiddos and we had a very good class. We had a total of six kids yesterday. This is how we run nursery, or at least try to. For the first hour we straight up PLAY!!! It's so much fun we color, we build things, we play with cars, we play with babies, and we just run around and play with all the other kids. Then we all clean up, we have the children help us and they do a very good job. We usually pray before snacks, have a lesson, sing, and then we sometimes play with bubbles. Belive it or not two hours with 1 1/2 - 3 year olds flies!!! We have so much fun and we love our calling. We have been so blessed to have the calling that we have. I have learned so much more about Chris and I, and how we deal with children and all the different situations that come up. Yesterday I was told I will make a very good mother by Sister Griner and that just made my day. I hope she's right because I love children they light up my life. I am blessed to have all the people and friends in our life.
After we watched a very good movie :) very intense.

Love always


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