Monday, August 22, 2011

Hard but I'll be okay

I love my husband so much. He is so sweet to me. He truly is and I dont just say that because I think it's cool to be married to the perfect person.

I want to give him a special shot out and tell him Happy Birthday! I am so thankful for him and his sweetness.

Being pregnant is kind of hard on a womans body. I love the fact that my body is creating such a special thing, honestly I feel so special and have gained great self-worth. The only thing is it's hard. I am so much more sensative than I ever have been. Just this weekend alone I've cried like 4 times. I dont know whats the matter with me and I dont like letting my husband see me like this. I feel like I have lost control over my emotions. I'm just hoping it gets better because if not its going to be a long 7-8 months more.

On a side note here's one of the reasons I creid. On Saturday I found out that my card was being used online and it is no fun!!!!!!!!! I found out a person took my card information and bought hundreds and hundreds of dollars online. SUCH RETARDS. We now have a negative balance. Thanks douche. You just have ruined my perfect week. I can't believe how stupid and selfish people are. Here I am trying to work hard to earn my money to have someone else spend. OH HELL NO! Im going to report you and hope you get caught. I Am so pissed off.

On the brighter side we already let the bank know, and everything will be okay but it is so stressful and sad for me right now. I am starting school today and I have not had a good nights sleep in days. I am hoping that'll change tonight.

Thank you baby for holding me and telling me everything is going to be okay.

feliz cumpleaƱos


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