Thursday, August 25, 2011

Monday birthdays Pt2

This past Monday was my husbands birthday and it went a little something like this.

I couldnt sleep. I had a pretty emotional weekend but I woke up ready to do something. I got on the computer and made my sexy husband and homemade card. It was lovely. YUP i copied him but I woud've done it anyways since we now have PHOTOSHOP on our comuputer I designed my own card. After that I made him an awesome breakfast and it was very YUMMY YUMMY. My husband was very grateful and he thanked me so much and I just kept telling him that he deserves it. I dont think there's anything better than spoiling my baby. I love surprising him left and right. It was too bad that we both had work and didnt get to spend it as much as I'd like. I had school school, work and then back to school. I got to sneak in a dinner with our friends Amy and Drew at Firehouse subs. I got off work a little early and got to sit and talk for about an hour but then back to school I went. I didn't get off until 9:30pm!!!! TOO LATE. When I got home Chris and I decided to run to store where we bought what he wanted. I told him to get anything he wanted but there he was trying to please me and asking me what I wanted. I told him- ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY SILLY! You get whatever you want. We got a vanilla cake with lemon topping, and ice cream of his choice. We got back home where I realized we bought no candles. FAIL. Oh well we still sang happy birthday and Chris said he had a really good day.
I wanted to give him the best day that I could've with the little time that I had. He was happy and I was happy, therefore we had a great day.
I cant wait for our birthday party we are having at our house. Its going to be fun. The theme is black&white with lots of yummy food. ! Can't wait. I am happy its almost the weekend.



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