Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My favorite day is SUNDAY.

Hands down. The best day of the week is Sunday.

I love being able to just slow down for one day. It was given to us to rest. I love that.
Althought since this week has been pretty slow for week since I have an entire week off from work and school I've been a little bored. It's funny we complain when we're bored and when we're too busy. I guess we never really know how lucky we are until we're absent from it.

Here are some of my favorite reasons Sundays are the best:

1. No work, no worries.
2. No spending money- no shopping.
3. Family day- we sometimes have dinner with the in-laws or my family.
4. We can just sit back and relax.
5. Bake, cook, play games, nap, and get some "us" time.
6. Most of the time we arent rushed.
7. Refill our spiritual cup.
8. Get to teach our nursery kids.
9. Stay home most of the day.
10. We can go on walks, take pictures, visit friends or do anything as long as we keep the Sabbath holy.

That's why it's the best day of the week. We both don't work. We dedicate to the Lord and us. I look forward to this day because it keeps me sane. Sometimes my weeks go by so fast they become blury.
I am lovin our calling and our house more and more. I am thankful for every little good thing in our lives. I am also thankful for trials. Life is hard sometimes but if we endure to the end its worth it. Stay strong friends. Love you.

LOve you

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