Thursday, August 18, 2011

Talking Sticks Resort Weekend

We had such a good time and it reminded us of our awesome honeymoon.

Friday we checked in about four pm. Want to know what the best part about going on a vacation thats in your own state, the fact that you save tons and tons of money on gas. Not only that but we got to our destination in about less than twenty minutes. That was the best part not having to be in a car for too long. We didn't even have time to waste or be bored.
Once we got there we got our room key and headed straight to our room. The view s amazing we had the pool and jacuzzi view. I kept looking out the window at all times throught the day and night just to check out how many people were out there. I took tons of pictures OF OUR WONDERFUL VIEW. It was such a nice, new beautiful hotel. The only thing that was a little uncomfortable at first was the first room we got had a weird stench. It took me a little while to notice that it stunk like WEED! ewwww and let me tell you once we stepped out of the room to get something from the car I automatically knew what that stank was. Once we both agreed on not wanting to stay there any longer we told the hotel lady in the front and she helped us to quickly get a new room. I was very thankful for that because I dont think I could handle that smell for one more second.
Then we got to settle in and relax for a moment and we decided we would go down to swim and relax. We got to know the hotel pretty fast and everyone there was so proffesional and nice. I like how it is very secured in order to get into the hotel rooms. That made me feel safe and comfortable. The Room was spacious, the bathroom was amazing, and i loved everything about it. I dont think we could've picked a better hotel.
Then we went out to dinner and went by the shopping center that we've never been to. On Saturday we got to drive around scottsdale have lunch at applebees, and just watch some tv, go watch these men play the pianos, and then walk around and get to know the huge hotel. We walked and talk and just hung out. Then at night time we got ready for our hot date. !!! amazing. We went to Chillis- YUMMY. Had the greatest time with my baby. We just laughed, talked bonded and celebrated our birthdays just the two of us. It was very relaxing enjoyabe and again went by too fast.
Then the next day we tried to sleep in, watch tv and the head out at noon..
That was most of our weekend. When we came back we were exhausted for some reason and napped in our bed at home. Although it was the nicest hotel i've ever been to. Nicer than the hotel in Sedona, and the Hyatt in Mesa, i would have to say theres no bed like your own.

We are so grateful that although we weren't able to go to California like we had planned we got to do something else and it was stress free and relaxing. Im so glad we saved our Disneyland trip for some other time.
Thank you Hunnie for the amazing vacation and birthday present.



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