Wednesday, August 3, 2011

FHE this past Monday

I gave the lesson :) And I thought I planned it very well and it led to an amazing discussion that my husband and I had and spent hours talking about.

My lesson was titled "I am a child of God", I think I needed to remind our family that although it is just Chris and I for NOW... We must always remember who our spiritual family is. We sang the hymn "I am a child of God" without any instruments. We don't have a piano nor are we musically talented but we felt the spirit. It was amazing. I love being able to have so much fun with my husband when its just us two and we're just relaxing at home. We are so blessed and happy to have each other.

Then, I went on to talk about how importan it is for us to know how we are very different but yet we have my similarities to our Heavenly Father. It's amazing how the small and simple things go a long way. We are trying to do better at all those primary things the church teaches and we have felt them change and impact our lives. I am so much more happy and I can deal with the little things that get in the way so much better.

After our two hour discussion, which was amazing!!! We then went on to the computer togo and work on our vacation we've been trying to plan. We've been struggling with planning our California trip and as much as we want to it didnt work out. Everything was pointing no and we could'nt agree on anything. So then we decided to look at different resorts in Arizona and guess what???? WE FOUND ONE we both loved. We are going to Talking Sticks in Scottsdale and I'm so excited. :) We're going to get to relax and just pretend we're rich in a nice resort. I can't wait to just be with my baby and no one else to bother us. It'll be our second honeymoon, besides camping and such.

I think that this was a very successfull FHE. We learned, we talked, we booked and paid the resort, and last but not least we grew closer together.



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