Thursday, July 28, 2011

Almost the last visit

Today I went to the dentist this morning. :D good news because im almost done ! I've overcome the hardest things this month. I've gotten my teeth cleaned, two crowns, a root canal, and the last thing I am going to get next week will be a filling that I urgently need before it gets worse. If I could and I hadn't maxed out my dental insurance for the year I would get everything done- a couple more fillings, and my teeth whitened. Ha ha I guess you could say that I've become mildly obssesed with wanting to get my teeth fixed but I needed to. I think after next week I'll be done with my teeth for the rest of the year, hopefully.

Im not going to lie at first I was feeling very overwhelmed with everything that I had to get done. I almost cried in the dentist office. Luckily my dentist and assistant have been very nice and helpful. They're so patient and explain everything to me just like I want them to. The more I went the more I became confident and comfortable.

So Monday is my next appointment and its going to be a piece of cake.

Ill wrap this post up with a picture of the time I went to get my root canal taken care of and I was very numb and soar on one side of my face. Can you guess what side I had the root canal at? I'll give you a hint I'm trying to smile in the picture but this is how all my pictures turned out and no matter how hard I tried they all looked the same.

Love ya!


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